Nigel Jackson

Nigel Jackson

Hotel Freedom

Description of Work

Hotel Freedom 2021 - Autodesk Maya, After Effects - Not for Sale

Artist's Statement

Hotel Freedom is a 3d animated short film from Cleveland based digital artist and animator Nigel Jackson. In his short film, Nigel addresses several American systems that have influenced him and those around him. Hotel Freedom is a critical glimpse into the conversations Nigel is willing to have about money, rights and the political party surrounding America and where it could end up in the future.

Set in the distant future Toke, a collector of interesting gadgets, finds himself in an unknown land with four I.P.F (Interdimensional Police Force) robots on his tail with the goal to retrieve the power glove he has taken. These very different characters enter into an American themed hotel in which they interact with in ways that reveal commentary about American systems. The political nature of the theme centered around the story is one that can’t be ignored and the political imagery and interactions are undeniable, even so, the animation still entertains those who are not for political conversations.

Nigel’s inspiration for this short film comes from, not surprisingly, America. Hotel Freedom is Nigel’s first step into making work about ideas he feels strongly about and ways that he can influence and create dialogue. He also draws inspiration from within the action comedy genre as it’s one of his favorites to watch, but his film also includes elements of western, and sci-f. Hotel Freedom is an animation that packs thoughtful commentary on American systems into a short three minutes. The viewer is left questioning systems that are apart of their everyday lives.

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