Diana Rosing

Diana Rosing

Description of Work

Xavier2020 - Silver Gelatin Print - Not for Sale

Ariana - 2020 - Silver Gelatin Print - Not for Sale

Grandpa Ray and Grandma Sue 2020 - Silver Gelatin Print - Not for Sale

Katie and Emma - 2020 - Silver Gelatin Print - Not for Sale

Josh 2020 - Silver Gelatin Print - Not for Sale

Brenda - 2020 - Silver Gelatin Print - Not for Sale

Artist's Statement

This body of work comprises portraits of loved ones whom I respect, value, and enjoy spending time with. My interest in creating these specific portraits derives from my fascination with patterns of social relationships and social behaviors that surround everyday life. Through my efforts of observing and listening to people inside and around my social bubble, my deepest desire is to connect with the ones I love and understand them for who God created them to be. Growing up in the digital age has its repercussions. For many people from my generation, being real, raw, and vulnerable has been challenging. Connecting with people via social media has become a time-consuming expectation, one that in some ways is very unrealistic and unattainable. We Americans have cultivated a society where there is pressure to maintain an online status and consistently connect with friends, family, and often strangers all day, every day. The Bible says perfect love casts out fear. In efforts to cast out my social anxieties, I have been using a variety of analogue film cameras as an opportunity to spend time with people, photograph them, and gracefully love them.

My process of making photographs utilizes multiple cameras for different purposes. While using a 4x5 Large Format camera, I am challenged to slow down and become more mindful of my subjects and the environments we occupy. I use the medium format as a tool to photograph during heartfelt and intimate moments without being disruptive. Though I recognize the camera captures reality, I too believe the relationship between myself and the camera is biased. This level of honesty reveals not only my personal feelings or ideas of individuals but also the innate truth of their ideas of themselves. Revealing these truths brings awareness to myself and those who interact with each photograph. If I have personal biases and judgmental views of any individual, and I am human, so I undoubtedly do, I believe the camera reveals the truth and offers a new perspective. One that might lead me to humble myself and love them in the same pure way I believe God does.

If you wish to purchase any of these pieces, please contact the gallery director, Jacqueline Nathan (jnathan@bgsu.edu.)


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