Emma Powers

Emma Powers

Description of Work

Space Leaders 2021 - Digital Prints, Illustrator, InDesign - Not for Sale

Artist's Statement

Leadership is a concept that has been standardized throughout society. Typically, one person stands above others and guides them through a project or situation. This has become the common definition of a leader, but why should it be? Everyone has some value to bring to the table. Whether they are skilled at listening, analyzing, creating, implementing, etc.; everyone has unique characteristics that allow them to stand out from the rest.

The challenge is that not everyone understands how their value could translate into leadership. The lack of appreciation for common skills makes people think they are not worthy enough to be considered a leader. By acknowledging daily actions, traits, and experiences; people can build confidence about their skills.

Children are a demographic that is extremely susceptible to learning, growing, and changing their way of life based on what they interact with. Through art education, children can be extremely hands-on and can take away more knowledge than if they were just listening to an adult speak. Children can also start to shift their behaviors through the use of reoccurring experiences and repetitive examples. The constant cycle of news stories that kids interact with on TV and social media starts to have an intense cultural impact on how they behave.

This topic is no light matter as this is the next generation that will need to learn how to take charge within their coming teen and young adult years. Children must understand how their worth can impact society. They can observe and learn from the design of numerous media channels, yet it is imperative to utilize a medium that is engaging, tactile, and interactive. The use of coloring books was a strategic decision to blend the use of words, stories, and coloring together to create an overall intriguing experience. 

“Space Leaders” showcases an exploration into how design can teach children leadership skills through kinesthetic as well as repetitive visual learning. The use of characters creates a form of entertainment similar to a cartoon. Children can look up to the characters and want to act like them. The use of a coloring book allows for children to get creative and have a part in the design which can help them with recall and remembering what they just read.  There are also supplemental lessons within the stories that include how to be inclusive to all and how to treat everyone with due respect. The main coloring book is supported by a secondary book that an adult or mentor can provide the child to reinforce the lessons taught throughout the stories. The use of the same characters paired with fun activities and more coloring helps to enhance the meaning of everything learned in the story book. The books are also enhanced through the use of posters and stickers. When hung on the wall or stuck on an object a child finds important, these complementary pieces help to be a constant reminder that can share the messages and lessons with other people their age. The use of strong, impactful visuals can help to shape young minds, keep them engage and therefore allow the concepts of everyday leadership to stick with them as they grow into more independent humans.

If you wish to purchase any of these pieces, please contact the gallery director, Jacqueline Nathan (jnathan@bgsu.edu.)


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