Bekah Shininger

Bekah Shininger

Bowen Thompson Student Union Purchase Award


Medici Circle Purchase Prize Award

House Couple

Description of Work

Backpacker2021 - Colored pencil, Watercolor, Ink pen - $700

House Couple2021 - Colored pencil, Watercolor, Ink pen - $500

Lake Sisters2021 - Colored pencil, Watercolor, Ink pen - $500

Grandpa's Farm2021 - Colored pencil, Watercolor, Ink pen - $700

Artist's Statement

I am inspired by the beautiful connections and relationships made in the world surrounding me. My artwork depicts the pleasure of daily life endeavoring to come together. In capturing this essence, it highlights the positive and meaningful. By focusing on quiet portraits of people, I am able to celebrate their vitality and humanity. I am eager to produce heartening content through strategic composition, strong light source and saturated color. Old family photos, and pictures I have taken serve as my reference.

As a child who struggled with reading, I relied heavily on illustrations to help me comprehend stories. I grew to have a special appreciation for the amount of narrative a single picture could hold. In my own artwork, I strive to tell the story of my subjects by providing the viewer with vivid detail. Each piece presents itself as an open invitation to experience the event and emotion first-hand.

I work primarily in colored pencil, watercolor, and ink pen. I use this combination for an illustrative aesthetic. It is noteworthy that the colored pencil is concentrated on the subject’s skin giving the person detail and vivacity. In comparison, watercolor is applied generally to complete clothing and surrounding space. This technique produces a tilt shift perspective, allowing the person’s aura to remain the focus.

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