Chase Forney

Chase Forney


Description of Work

Astro2021 - Video, Animation - Not for Sale

Artist's Statement

Whenever I make new artwork, I always worry that I might end up copying someone else's work. But at the same time, I get my best inspiration when I view someone else's work. There may be some issues with this approach to making art, however it can be argued that every artistic idea has already been made; it has just been retold in another way with a different artistic perspective. The theme of my project is that no matter what art has been made before, an artist can take inspiration from that and transform it into something brand new.

My project is a 3D animation that tells the story of a little astronaut (Astro) that wants to make his mark on the world by the only way he knows how: planting his flag on the moon, and being the first man to do so. However, when he arrives at the moon there are several astronauts that beat him to it, and have even set up a resort to relax and congratulate each other after all completing the same task. Astro is saddened by what has become of this amazing place he has heard so much about, but in the end he is able to plant his flag in a way that is unique and makes him stand out from the other astronauts. Just like Astro, I hope to leave a mark on the world that, while inspired by others, is unique and based on my own perspective.

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