Rebecca Welker

Rebecca Welker

Description of Work

Still Swing2021 - Gelatin silver print - $250

Hallway 2021 - Gelatin silver print - $250

Breezeway - 2021 - Gelatin silver print - $250

Picnic Table - 2021 - Gelatin silver print - $250

Patio - 2021 - Gelatin silver print - $250

Rural Mailbox - 2021 - Gelatin silver print - $250

Chair - 2021 - Gelatin silver print - $250

Hanging Coat - 2021 - Gelatin silver print - $250

Artist's Statement

For me, art is a meditative practice. I make photographs as a way to reflect on my thoughts, feelings, and relationships through my surroundings. I am interested in what is happening in the moments that lie between the constant movements of daily life – pregnant pauses that reveal thresholds we might otherwise overlook. My goal when creating work is two-fold: self-reflection and evocation.

I make documentation-style photographs that act as elevated meditations of our surroundings. My considerations weigh heavily on framing, light, and emotion given by a space. My work exudes a quietness and stillness that can only be born from the absence of color, giving black and white film a prominent role. With this approach, I am able to monumentalize silence and characterize spaces in a way that enables viewers to reflect on their emotions. I choose subjects and settings where human presence is evident, yet missing. A threshold is revealed in this way.

That threshold is what my work defines today. In moving between recent events in my life, my mind is unable to consciously acknowledge if I am moving toward something or away from something else. In past work, I labeled this feeling “restlessness.” Today, I find it better described as liminality. Liminal is defined as “occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.” I find liminality in places where potential energy and residual energy are felt simultaneously. The viewer may not be able to decide if the space has been left after use or if it awaits use. These moments of uncertainty mark a threshold, and in it lie feelings of unease, anticipation, and even subtle distress. With this body of work, I seek to define that threshold and challenge the idea that one belongs to either side of it.

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