Allyson Henlein

Allyson Henlein

Out of the Box

Description of Work

Out of the Box 2021 - Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate, Adobe After Effects, Substance Painter - Not for Sale

Artist's Statement

In a world where workers are treated like machines, human interaction is undervalued. The covid-19 pandemic exacerbated the loss of socialization and amplified the need to express the importance of human interaction. Through storytelling and animation, I analyze the importance of human connections and the impact suppressive environments have over mankind.

Out of the Box follows Sam, a new hire at an office as he quickly realizes the robotic nature of the office workers and the bland environment in which he is now working. The office workers have morphed over time to reflect their environment, quite literally becoming cubes in cubicles. As Sam starts drifting into this robotic mindset, he tries to combat it by doodling and that is when the magic begins. Through a series of dramatic events, we learn that a simple gesture, such as holding hands, can become the catalyst for change.

The concept of Out of the Box reflects my interest in how creativity can make a positive impact on the world. As an artist, I find doodles to be my own form of escapism. Although my doodles do not come to life, they are the result of a lack of creativity within my environment. Inspiration for my animation also came from films such as Ratatouille and Secret Life of Walter Mitty. These films influenced my visual style and approach to storytelling. I use color within my animation to give subtle hints to the characters and environments themselves. For instance, the animation begins in black and white to express the bland and boring environment. As the colors become vibrant and bright, the characters themselves begin to reflect more emotion and humanity.

Set to an energizing inspiring original score, Out of the Box focuses on the current issues facing humanity such as the loss of human interaction and lack of creativity in everyday life, especially at work. It is when we lose sight of the importance of human connection that we begin to lose our humanity. Both creativity and imagination can re-energize our spirit at work as well as rekindle our interactions with one another. By focusing on these issues, Out of the Box visually engages viewers through a journey of artistry and connection.

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