Eric Nydegger

Eric Nydegger

Devoted Amends

Description of Work

Devoted Amends2021 - Mixed Media - Not for Sale

Artist's Statement

The diptych composition I made has a very theatrical tone made with different sources of media— media from my sketchbook, online photos, and cinematography. All of these sources are synchronized together with photoshop editing and digital painting to seamlessly flow each composition into one another. Each piece has its unique content and represents separate scenes of an extended theatrical performance. A non-linear theatrical performance that will present contemporary ideas within a personal examination, and evoke an overall concept of spiritual mindfulness. I use these different media sources by scanning in sketches of my art and editing each photo or cinematography to include the sections I feel add to the overall composition. The animation effects I added at the end help to address the spiritual component, and bring a sense of fantasy into the composition while still balancing the fictional and non-fictional elements.

A question that does trigger a truly undeniable concern is how to bring people to be aware of their emotion controlled decisions. A lot of our society today is based on how we feel. Our society runs on human emotion and is combined with the fast advancements of technology. In our lives, we must not allow parts that expose our weaknesses to control our consciousness. Instances and crises to this extreme can cause many to miss the realization they are not being their authentic self.

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