Thomas White

Thomas White

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Description of Work

Dream World2020 - Digital painting in Photoshop, video editing in Premiere - $50.00

Artist's Statement

My work is about blurring the lines between one's own understanding of reality and the relationship of the different realities that coexist within the time and space we live in. Things like dreams can be more than just dreams, they can be a new reality, a new possibility, simply because at one point it existed in the same space and time as ourselves. My work is a journey throughout the idea of reality itself, and by the time you reach the end, your sense of reality will have changed. 

I am making this work because exploring the theories of other realms and realities has always been something I was interested in, as there is no definitive proof other realities are real or not, I want to plant the seed of the idea that we may not know all that we think we do. I am utilizing digital painting techniques with Photoshop along with animation editing in After Effects in this piece, I also made the original audio with guitar effects. Digital painting is one of my greatest strengths as an artist and it has the range needed to express how I feel. My process as an artist has been the same for my whole life, I start out with a tiny idea, and begin to paint that and then build off of what inspired me about the last thing I put down, eventually building up to what is the "Dream World".

With this piece I have gotten a lot of inspiration from the things that make me ask the hard questions in life. For example, I love the stars, space, and all its vast possibilities, but learning more about space had made me skeptical of what I thought I knew about the world, which in turn changed the way I view the reality I live in and this piece works to express that feeling. In conclusion, I made this piece to communicate my overall ideals as a person, and skills as an artist, with others who may not think the same way.

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