David Virant Jr

David Virant Jr

Future of our Own

Description of Work

Future Of Our Own - 2021 - Digital paintings: Wacom drawing tablet, reference images - Not for Sale

Artist's Statement

In this series of digital paintings, “Future of Our Own”, I showcase the class divide and overpopulation as it is played out in a futuristic city on another version of earth. In this world, overpopulation has gotten to the point where there is no room left to expand horizontally so they had to expand vertically, essentially having living spaces be in these massive skyscrapers or the abandoned places on the ground, and depending on what your social economic status is where you would live. So, the divide on classes is played out in a literal sense where the rich live in these massive skyscrapers that touch the clouds while the lower class are forced to live in these old and run-down houses/ buildings. The futuristic spin on this series was inspired from the early notions of Cyberpunk societies, though the “Future of Our Own” is nowhere near as flashy as in Cyberpunk.

The “Future of Our Own” series contains 5 digital paintings that show the class divide and its similarities to the way it plays out today in our world. In today’s society, the far ends of each side of the class spectrum are drastically different in many ways, also they don’t typically live by each other. But within this alternative world they don’t really have that much of a choice as to those options. The rich essentially take up the large upper sections of these massive towers, the middle class gets the rest of the lower sections of these towers, and the lower class can’t even afford to stay in these massive towers and must remain in their older houses. And in many instances, there were buildings that built overtop top of the run-down buildings in order to keep expanding.  

If you wish to purchase any of these pieces, please contact the gallery director, Jacqueline Nathan (jnathan@bgsu.edu.)


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