Starra Halter

Starra Halter

Description of Work

Untitled 2020 - Color Photography, Inkjet - Not for Sale

Artist's Statement

The responsiveness of permanency plays an imperative role in my work and what defines me as a photographer. My motivation stems from our bodies ability to exist not only as our material person, but also as our environment, home, and form of identity.

From the moment I noticed, at a young age, that no one else had a small red bump on the knuckle of their left hand, I have been interested in the qualities of skin. The way it scars when we fall and stretches as we grow becomes a part of us and what we pay attention to. I’ve grown not to see skin just as a functioning organ, but rather a canvas of the self. Our skin illustrates a record of our time, life, and human experience. By observing these qualities, we can begin to recognize and assign value to what makes each person distinct.

I have chosen to work in photography to capture the features of my subjects’ skin with as many details as possible. The exactness of the camera allows me to precisely and truthfully render the qualities of skin that go unnoticed such as the shape, form, color, texture, and tone. Although the human body is not perfected, it is truthful to itself. With controlled lighting and a close focus, I am holding in place a moment of someone’s presence. In understanding this, I hope to communicate ideas not confined by language to my viewers. Through the lens, I am a source of entry to which the viewer may find a deeper meaning of not only my subject, but themselves.

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