Erin Drake

Erin Drake

James W. Strong Studio Achievement Award

Description of Work

Plant Cell Collection2021 - Ceramic, Cone 1 Oxidation - $2,000.00

Plant Cells2021 - Monotype, Wood Panels - $500.00

Artist's Statement

Abstract observations of microscopic botanical images create visual relationships that highlight forms seen through the microscopic lens. Depicted through sculptural forms in ceramic and monoprints coming together, I have chosen to further explore the world around me through plants. Focusing on research and observations made from microscope slides I have created from collecting organic materials, after observing and documenting what is seen through sketching I have noticed common forms repeating. I have developed a visual language using these repeating elements throughout the surfaces of both sculpture and the monotype, plant veins, small spheres and other organic shapes, as well other small plant like silhouettes, come together, like in the slides, through layering and are enlarged. When creating I have had to think about the building up of layers, in the sculptures the curved insides are made using a slab and the backs are built first then flipped over where other elements can be added. The monotypes similarly deal with adding and building the work up with overlapping layers to create visual dimension instead of a physical one. From working with microscopic plants I have found a deeper connection to the natural world, my work and myself that I have been able to respond to through ceramic and monotype.

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