Undergraduate Admissions

Ceramic Student at Work

Admission to the School of Art requires acceptance to Bowling Green State University. To find out more about applying to BGSU, please visit BGSU Admissions.

The School of Art offers two types of degrees: a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

The School of Art currently offers a BA in Art History as well as a BA degree in Art with specializations in:

Admission to the BGSU School of Art as a BA degree candidate does not require a portfolio review. Only full acceptance to the University is required.

The School of Art offers Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degrees in:

Admission to the BFA degree is competitive, but does not require a Portfolio Review for entrance into the School of Art. Prospective students wishing to pursue a BFA degree in the School of Art will be admitted as pre-BFA students and will be fully admitted to the School of Art without a Portfolio Review. They will be required to pass a Portfolio Review during Spring semester of their first year of study in the School of Art. If they are not successful in passing the BFA Portfolio Review their first year, they may attempt to pass the following year. If they do not pass at their second attempt, students must opt to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree. Click here for more information about the BFA Portfolio Review for current School of Art students.