Contemporary art is increasingly transcendent of the traditional boundaries of a single medium. To be reflective of this reality, the Studio Art Division prepares students with a solid foundation. Perceptual, technical, and theoretical knowledge is absorbed through a choice of focused studio experiences across the disciplines of ceramics, drawing, glass, jewelry/metals, painting, photography, printmaking, or sculpture. From this open foundation, the Studio Art curriculum encourages and fosters experimentation and risk taking, as it allows students to select intermediate and advanced level courses best suited to the individual. The degree in Studio Art provides students with depth and flexibility through expression in several media or disciplines or expression within a single medium or discipline.

The Studio Art Division is committed to providing a positive environment in which a range of artistic viewpoints may flourish. The faculty prides itself in their ability to nurture diversity and independent thinking, all while closely assisting students in their search for their own personal artistic vision.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts in Studio degrees prepare students to actively commit to and engage with a variety of professional opportunities in the arts. We insist that art is vital to the well- being of all communities, and that our students will play important roles in this effort wherever they go.   



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