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The School of Art offers students to expand their artistic knowledge through studying abroad. Additional opportunities can be found at BGSU Education Abroad.



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BGSU students have an exciting opportunity to study art and humanities courses at our sister school in Florence, Italy, called SACI. You may enroll for one of the academic year terms (Fall and/or Spring) or one of the two summer terms (May-June and/or June-July). All student majors and minors in the School of Art are strongly encouraged to attend, but all majors and minors at BGSU are welcome! All courses taken at SACI in Florence will be given direct BGSU credit on your transcripts. Students who have attended the program all agree: it is a life-changing experience in one of the most beautiful and inspiring cities in the world

1) Complete the SACI online application (look for the big red “APPLY” button on the website:

            -This will require basic information plus a $70 application fee

2) The second step will be a request for a transcript and advisor form to be submitted electronically to SACI. 

            -You do not need an official transcript but can send an unofficial transcript 

-For the advisor form, make an appointment to meet with Dr. Terry-Fritsch for signature:

3) The third step, you will receive an acceptance letter from SACI and then you will need to send in a confirmation of enrollment form plus your $400 housing deposit

-this will secure your place in the program, and will also position to be registered in courses

4) After your confirmation of enrollment, you will be asked for two additional documents:

-Housing Form: you complete a questionnaire about your lifestyle preferences so that the housing director can match you with like individuals

-Medical Form: You will need to schedule an appointment with your doctor for the completion of this form (if you are unable to complete this before departure, bring with you to SACI)

5) Make sure that you also complete the online application through BGSU’s Education Abroad program:

            -click the “Apply now” button and fill out the information form (very easy!!!)

6) Make sure you have a valid Passport

            -if you need to apply for a passport, here is information on how to do it:

7) Decide on Travel Arrangements

-SACI organizes a group flight from NYC; information will be included in your acceptance packet 

- if you decide to make your own travel plans, you will need to plan to arrive at SACI no later than May 16th. As a student, you are eligible for many different student travel offers 

8) Scholarships

There is still time to apply to study abroad in Italy this summer at our sister school, Studio Art College International (SACI). SACI offers two summer sessions in Florence and one summer session in Venice. If you would like to enroll, you should begin your application ASAP

Here is a link to more information about the SACI summer sessions, and the application for enrollment:

A day-long information booth for SACI will be hosted by Professor Allie Terry-Fritsch (BGSU’s Faculty Director for SACI) and Rory Sommers (Admissions Officer from SACI) within the School of Art Main Lobby on Thursday, February 20th—please stop by to ask questions and learn more about the program!

All students who enroll at SACI must complete an online form with BGSU’s Education Abroad. This form must be completed by MARCH 1. Click on this link to find the application—click on the “Apply Now” button:




School of Art Portfolio Scholarship: February 27

Open to School of Art majors only, and only for those students who are committed to study abroad at SACI in Florence or Venice during one of the summer terms. Students must complete a scholarship cover sheet (attached to this email) and either submit a portfolio of 6-8 works or two art history research papers (for Art History majors) to the Main Office of the School of Art by NOON on Thursday, Feb. 27. Winners must meet a minimum GPA standard and will be selected based on quality of portfolio.

International Travel Grant: Deadline March 1

This scholarship is based on financial need, and is administered through Education Abroad. BGSU students must complete an online application through Education Abroad and must have a FAFSA submitted and on file. Any questions regarding the grant should be directed to the Education Abroad Office. The link to the online application is here:

Founded in 1975 by the artist Jules Maidoff, SACI is the oldest English-language study abroad program in Florence dedicated to visual and cultural studies. The school is located in the heart of the city of Florence, Italy, and features introductory, middle-range, and advanced-level courses in studio art, art history, art and archaeological conservation, Italian language, film, opera and a wide range of further courses. Since Bowling Green State University has a special relationship with SACI and handles transfer credit for all institutions that do not have a direct contractual relationship with SACI, all BGSU students receive full academic credit for all courses taken while at SACI. Students may choose to study abroad at SACI for either a single term or a full year. Students do not have to be an art major or art history major to attend SACI.

With its own well-equipped facilities, SACI provides a stimulating educational experience that draws upon the rich cultural resources of both past and present Italy. SACI's program also offers field trips as part of its curriculum, and brings students on guided visits of the cultural sites of Rome, Milan, Lucca, Arezzo, Bologna, Carrara, Assisi, Pisa, Siena, San Gimignano, Faenza, Urbino, and Pietrasanta, among others. In addition, studio and design courses offer field trips to artists' studios, private collections, galleries, art fairs, crafts centers, professional designers' studios, and manufacturers of Italian design products. Some SACI students also have access to internship opportunities in museums, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Prato and the Marino Marini Museum in Florence, or in artistic or conservation studios.

SACI is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

For general information on SACI, visit Studio Art Centers International.

Students will arrive on May, 2020 and depart Florence on June, 2020. Housing will coincide with these dates. 

Students must attend the Welcome Party and Orientation held on May 18-20, 2018. (This is held onsite at the primary SACI location in Florence: Palazzo Cartelloni on Via Sant’Antonino 11)

Bowling Green State University students will be charged the following tuition and fees for Late Spring 2018: 

-Tuition: $4,675* (maximum 6 credit hours, or two courses) 

-Activity Fee: $650 

-Student Services Fee: $400 

-Housing Fee: $1,450** 

-General Program Deposit: $400*** 

-Application fee: $70 (paid online at time of application) 

*Excluding materials fees, which are collected in class, for students enrolled in Batik, Jewelry Design, or Serigraphy. 

**Students wishing to lodge in a single room are instead charged $2,000. 

*** The General Program Deposit will be returned to the student at the conclusion of the term, provided that no charges for housing damage, cleaning fees, damaged or lost books, or damaged or lost school equipment are incurred. It will be sent directly to the student’s US address via mail at the conclusion of the term. 

NOTE: Graduate students will pay the same fees as the undergraduates, but will be granted graduate credit for the courses taken.


Students may choose to travel to Florence with the group flight organized by the NY Office of SACI. Departure will be from JFK, thus each student is responsible for arrival to NY and arriving at the meeting point on own, but will travel transatlantic with the Late Spring cohort of students. Students who wish to travel on their own may do so, as long as they arrive on May 17th to Florence. The cost of a round-trip ticket to Florence, Italy varies depending on your point of departure, point of arrival, and your dates of travel. The best day to purchase an airline flight is on a Tuesday, when the weekly prices drop. Students are often offered excellent travel deals through student travel sites such as STA or Student Universe.

Students who travel on their own to Florence are responsible for arrival to Palazzo Cartelloni, thus you should expect to take a taxi upon arrival and departure. The price of the taxi is fixed at 25Euro, thus you should have at least that much in the European currency at the time of your arrival. ATM machines do exist inside the airport, but you shouldn’t depend on them (in case of an out-of-order ATM)

Each student is responsible for purchasing his or her own food. There are many excellent fresh fruit, vegetable, meat, bread, pastry, dairy, etc vendors throughout Florence, one of the largest fresh food markets is located only a block away from SACI’s main building. Students often food shop with their roommates and cook communally so as to share costs.

All students are responsible for the following on their own personal transportation, personal travel, telephone costs, and souvenirs.

If a minimum of 10 BGSU students enroll at SACI in Late Spring 2018, BGSU faculty member Jenn Stucker will accompany the student group to Florence and remain at SACI for the 5 weeks to teach a SACI course.

Dr. Allie Terry-Fritsch (Art History) is the BGSU liaison to SACI and is happy to answer your questions:; Office 1012 

Professor Jenn Stucker (Graphic Design) will be the BGSU faculty onsite during Late Spring 2018: 

Michelle Ploeger in Education Abroad will be directing the BGSU-side of the application process:

February 15

-students will need to indicate their intention to apply for a scholarship in your online form. submit a copy of a FAFSA and transcript by Feb. 15

March 6

- all School of Art majors are eligible for this financial award. Students will need to submit 6-8 works of art or 2 academic papers, plus a completed contact form and reference contact, for review by a faculty jury. Winners are selected on the merit of the portfolio.


Students should visit BGSU’s financial aid office to learn more about funding assistance for study abroad. Ryan Czech is the designated loan officer for education abroad and is happy to meet with you one on one to consider your options. Email:

February 15

Scholarship recognizes a full-time junior or senior undergraduate student, or a full-time graduate student, whom best demonstrates exceptional talent and professional promise in their particular field of study based on GPA and recommendations by faculty in each department. This award can be applied to travel abroad to any European country, in conjunction with any study abroad program in Europe. Must have completed a minimum of two years of undergraduate coursework Minimum 3.2 GPA

March 1

SACI is an official affiliate of BGSU, thus all students who attend the Florence program are eligible to apply for the Affiliate Scholarship offered through BGSU’s office of Education Abroad. Awardees are required to volunteer hours for the Office of Education Abroad upon completion of the program. Any questions about the scholarship should be directed to the Education Abroad Office, 301 University Hall; 419-372-0479; or The online application may be found through the bgsu.studioabroad platform.

April 15

-all School of Art majors are eligible for this financial award during Late Spring. Students must submit a completed form to Dr. Terry-Fritsch

The first step is to make the decision to attend SACI during the Late Spring term. One you have made the decision, fill out the online application found on the SACI website. You will be asked to submit your email and create a password, then fill out basic information and submit a $70 application fee. This will begin your application process—you will receive an electronic welcome pack and specific instructions on forms to fill out and send back to SACI, including a housing form, medical forms, and several others. Be sure to follow the directions and submit each part by the assigned deadline! Click on the “Apply” button:

Once you have applied for the SACI program, you will now need to let several persons know at the university, including Dr. Terry-Fritsch ( and Michelle Ploeger ( You should make appointments with each to make sure you have a good sense of the procedures you will need to follow both here at BGSU and abroad at SACI.

BGSU students must complete paperwork before they may study abroad. The first part of the process begins online with the Education Abroad’s Studio Abroad system. Click here for the paperwork.

All students traveling to SACI must have an international passport. If you do not already possess a passport, you will need to apply for one as soon as possible. Follow the directions found on the Department of State’s website here.

All students should discuss the financial opportunities available to them with a professional financial officer. Ryan Czech is the designated officer for students on study abroad programs. (See the information about filing a FAFSA for scholarships)


Review the information about scholarship opportunities provided by Dr. Terry-Fritsch and gather the necessary materials for the applications. Follow the individual instructions, ask faculty to write letters of support well in advance of deadlines, and submit all documents by the assigned date! 

Once you apply, it is countdown time! Dr. Terry-Fritsch will host meetings in the spring semester that will help you to prepare



BGSU School of Art Study Abroad Alumni

Photo description: A student peacefully interacts with an elephant

BGSU Alumna, Michelle Hendry, Spends 2017 Working Around The Globe

Story by: Bonnie Blankinship

2009 grad, Michelle Henry satisfied her desire to get to know different places by staying a month in each of 12 cities around the world — all while maintaining her job as art director with the Viterbi School of Engineering at the University of Southern California. She was able to do all this as part of the 2017 Remote Year program , which facilitates a yearlong adventure in which participants live and work abroad, telecommuting to their jobs back home. The organization arranges travel, transportation, an apartment and a co-working space in each city. Participants are part of a cohort of 50-75 people.

Remote Year was Henry's second experience with living abroad, the first being the semester she spent in Florence, Italy, with the Studio Arts Center International (SACI) while a BGSU undergraduate studying graphic design with associate professor Jenn Stucker in the School of Art.

Henry stated, "It's nice to have diversity and being among people you might not have crossed paths with in college or in your career. I made lifelong friends."

To read the full article, click here.