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The School of Art offers students to expand their artistic knowledge through studying abroad. Additional opportunities can be found at BGSU Education Abroad.

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With its own well-equipped facilities, SACI provides a stimulating educational experience that draws upon the rich cultural resources of both past and present Italy. SACI's program also offers field trips as part of its curriculum, and brings students on guided visits of the cultural sites of Rome, Milan, Lucca, Arezzo, Bologna, Carrara, Assisi, Pisa, Siena, San Gimignano, Faenza, Urbino, and Pietrasanta, among others. In addition, studio and design courses offer field trips to artists' studios, private collections, galleries, art fairs, crafts centers, professional designers' studios, and manufacturers of Italian design products. Some SACI students also have access to internship opportunities in museums, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Prato and the Marino Marini Museum in Florence, or in artistic or conservation studios.

The first informational session will be held this Wednesday, Sept. 13th between 10am-1pm at the Expand Your Horizons Study Abroad Fair held in the Student Union on campus. Further informational sessions will be held on campus throughout the school year concerning admission and applications. For those students who would like to speak individually with an advisor about the program and its possibilities, you may contact the BGSU Faculty Coordinator for the program, Dr. Terry-Fritsch, for an appointment at or stop in at her office hours on Wednesday mornings before 11 am. (Office 1012, Fine Arts Building.) Additionally, Michelle Ploeger in Education Abroad (301 University Hall) is happy to speak with interested students. 

Each year, the School of Art at BGSU offers scholarships to majors of all divisions of the school to attend the first summer term (Summer Session I/Late Spring) at SACI. For more information about these scholarships, the BGSU-SACI Coordinator, Allie Terry-Fritch ( will hold informational meetings. The Major SACI portfolio competition is generally held in the first weeks of the Spring semester. Additional grant opportunities are due toward the end of the Spring semester.  

SACI is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

For general information on SACI, visit Studio Art Centers International.

BGSU students have an exciting opportunity to study art and humanities courses at our sister school in Florence, Italy, called SACI. You may enroll for one of the academic year terms (Fall and/or Spring) or one of the two summer terms (May-June and/or June-July). All student majors and minors in the School of Art are strongly encouraged to attend, but all majors and minors at BGSU are welcome! All courses taken at SACI in Florence will be given direct BGSU credit on your transcripts. Students who have attended the program all agree: it is a life-changing experience in one of the most beautiful and inspiring cities in the world

Founded in 1975 by the artist Jules Maidoff, SACI is the oldest English-language study abroad program in Florence dedicated to visual and cultural studies. The school is located in the heart of the city of Florence, Italy, and features introductory, middle-range, and advanced-level courses in studio art, art history, art and archaeological conservation, Italian language, film, opera and a wide range of further courses. Since Bowling Green State University has a special relationship with SACI and handles transfer credit for all institutions that do not have a direct contractual relationship with SACI, all BGSU students receive full academic credit for all courses taken while at SACI. Students may choose to study abroad at SACI for either a single term or a full year. Students do not have to be an art major or art history major to attend SACI.


Students may choose to study at SACI for either a single term in the Fall, Spring, Late Spring or Summer session or to study over the course of multiple semesters or a whole year. You must apply well in advance of the start-date for each term, thus the following dates will help you to plan ahead.

If you are interested in studying at SACI during the SPRING 2016 semester, you must submit your application by November 15. If you are a BGSU School of Art major and would also like to apply for a SACI scholarship, your application must be submitted earlier: the application materials must be received by the NY Office by October 15th

If you are interested in studying at SACI during the Late Spring 2016 term AND YOU ARE A BGSU STUDENT, you must coordinate with the SACI Coordinator in the School of Art at BGSU. Email: As early in the academic year as possible, you will need to meet with the BGSU-SACI Coordinator to learn about travel arrangements, visa and passport applications, course registration and housing arrangements in Florence. All of your application materials will be submitted online in consultation with the BGSU-SACI Coordinator in March.

There are course offerings in all areas from beginning to advanced levels, so each student may create his or her own experience while in Florence. Below are some highlighted SACI subject areas and courses; a complete list of SACI course descriptions and syllabi may be found through this link:


In addition to the unique opportunity to study onsite in Italy by enrolling in renaissance, baroque and mannerist, nineteenth-century, modern and/or contemporary art history courses, students at SACI can also study the history of photography, art conservation, archaeology, and museology courses. During their second term of study at SACI, students may be able to work as an intern in an Italian museum.


SACI offers beginning, intermediate and advanced courses in drawing, painting, and printmaking (etching, lithography and serigraphy), and an introductory-level course in book arts. SACI also offers a special course on fresco painting, which was the artistic hallmark of Florence during the Renaissance. Students are encouraged to explore the city and visit its museums to study the old masters and interpret them in new ways.


Ceramics and sculpture courses are offered at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Students go on field trips to sites such as sculpture museums in Florence, the marble quarries at Carrara and/or the studios and foundries at Pietrasanta. In addition, beginning, intermediate and advanced courses are offered in batik, jewelry design and weaving.


Traditional black-and-white photography, color digital photography, 2D and 3D animation, digital multimedia, and video courses are offered during the Fall and Spring terms.


Students may choose from graphic design, interior design, illustration and environmental design courses at SACI. Most classes include visits to design studios in Florence and guest lectures from Italian designers.


This is perhaps the most unique area at SACI. 6 different courses are offered that give students hands-on experience and training in the field of conservation. SACI instructors are internationally-recognized experts in research and techniques of conservation, and students may work on paintings or artifacts dating from the ancient Etruscan, medieval, renaissance or baroque past.


Courses are offered in history of Italian cinema, history of opera, Italian Renaissance Literature, and beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of Italian language. Onsite study is ideal for students who want to learn the language since immersion in the culture is encouraged, and SACI will provide an Italian language partner.


A creative writing workshop is offered to students in the Fall and Spring terms. Genres include fiction, poetry and travel writing, and emphasis is placed upon the foreign experience and writers' responses to the city of Florence.

For more information, visit Studio Arts Center International.

BGSU students interested in studying at SACI in Florence should contact:

Ruthy Light

Senior Lecturer of Art History

BGSU-SACI Coordinator

1000 Fine Arts Center

(School of Art)

Bowling Green, OH 43403

Ruthy Light will be organizing several informational sessions throughout the academic year. When you contact her for information, be sure to provide your email address and some basic information about yourself (major, year in school, and semester that you are interested in studying abroad).

**Note: If you are NOT a BGSU student, you must contact SACI directly.