Image description: A student sculpts a human head out of clay

The Sculpture Area offers the complete range of technical and process-oriented components most commonly associated with the BFA and MFA degrees in sculpture. With programs of study in bronze, aluminum, and iron casting, as well as utilizing investments, shell and bonded sand processes, stonecarving in alabaster, granite, marble, and limestone. In addition to gas, ARC, M.I.G., T.I.G., and spot welding, students may specialize in one area or in a combination of several areas. Process, technique, and craft are stressed as students are encouraged to explore and develop their own artistic style and unique approach to problem solving. Curriculum and course work are designed to facilitate a strong, broad-based foundation for the undergraduate while conceptual development is the emphasis at the graduate level. Classes are scheduled in three hour time blocks and meet two days each week.

Students that graduate with an emphasis in sculpture are qualified to work in a number of different fields. Opportunities range from work in galleries, museums, foundries, monument companies, independent and freelance sculpture services, as well as work in fields such as education. Many students go on to teach at the secondary level in private schools, or complete additional coursework to teach in public schools. Students often continue their education in the arts at the graduate level and then move on to teach in colleges, community colleges, and/or universities around the country.

The Sculpture Club is one of several student lead clubs within the School of Art. It's primary mission is to produce, promote, educate, and exhibit student sculpture both locally and regionally. The club also helps with bringing in visiting artists, as well as organizing and implementing the annual iron pours. They produce and sell t-shirts, write grants for funding, and assume the role of BGSU representatives when making regular trips to Southern Conference of Cast Iron Art at the Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama. The Sculpture Club actively seeks members from the university community regardless of major. Annual dues are just $5.00. 

BGSU Aluminum & Bronze Pour 2014

BGSU Iron Pour 2014

Shawn Morin

Shawn Morin

  • Position: Professor, Sculpture
  • Phone: 419-372-7766
  • Email:
  • Address: 1110 FAC
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Charles Tucker

  • Position: Associate Teaching Professor, Area Head, Sculpture
  • Phone: 419-372-4193
  • Email:
  • Address: 1108 FAC

The sculpture facility features 12,000 square feet of space with studio lofts complete with a variety of equipment:

  • 5-ton bridge crane, engine hoist, forklift, and 1-ton budget hoist
  • Outside courtyard with canopy, 
  • Compressed air throughout,
  • Large sandblasting room
  • Stone yard and stone room
  • Interior foundry
  • Exterior cupola
  • Iron casting facility
  • Steel fabrication space
  • Dedicated ceramic shell room
  • Tool crib, plaster, wax, clay and general work areas. 
  • Students also have access to the Woodshop, a separate facility attended by the School of Art Technicians. 

For studio hours and more information, visit the Sculpture Studio facilities page.

Student Work

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