Upon Admission

Once you have been fully admitted to the University you will receive materials regarding Fall registration from the BGSU Office of Student Life by late spring. When you receive your Orientation & Registration materials, please read thoroughly and schedule your SOAR date promptly.

It is advisable to register for Fall semester classes early in the summer.

It is possible to prepare ahead for your SOAR advising session and registration.

Know Your Major

Become familiar with the requirements of the major(s) in which you are interested by perusing the Junior Audit checksheet(s) for each major offered through the College of Arts & Sciences.

Get your Junior Audit checksheets here

Know Your Classes

You can find course descriptions for all classes offered at Bowling Green State University on the course description search engine.

Special Note for Art Education Majors
Students interested in the Art Education major are strongly advised to take PSYC 1010 and EDHD 2010 in their first year as these two classes are major prerequisites to nearly all other BG Perspective requirements for the Art Education major.


Once you have registered for your classes, you will have access to a booklist for each of your classes through myBGSU. You may purchase your books from Falcon Outfitters or online.

Be sure to keep all receipts in case you need to return or exchange any books.


There is no general list of art supplies available. You will receive supply lists from your instructors on the first day of each of your studio art classes. Be prepared to buy your supplies right away to complete your first assignments by having funds available.


The only students required to bring their own cameras are those majoring in Studio with a concentration in Photography. Students enrolled in photography courses are required to bring a 35mm SLR (film) camera to class. Medium format and 4x5 view cameras are provided by the program for intermediate and advanced courses in photography.

Students are not required to have their own computers. There are many computer labs available to students for basic applications such as word processing for written assignments and internet access for research.

Digital Arts and Graphic Design students are not required to have their own computers. The School of Art encourages that students actively use the computer labs provided for them to do assignments for their classes.

If you wish to have your own computer, please consider using your student discount by ordering your computer through Falcon Outfitters.

The School of Art does not recommend or endorse any specific brand of computer or operating system.