School Resources

Whether you need equipment to create art or reference materials to assist with teaching, the School of Art offers the resources to help. For more information about the School of Art facilities, click here.

The Fine Art Center at Bowling Green State University offers:

Photo description: An instructor works with a student


The Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery

Gallery Lobby
Photo description: The glass doors that act as an entrance to the Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery.


The Hiroko Nakamoto Gallery

Photo description: A hand pours a liquid from a cup as part of a tea ceremony


The Willard Wankelman Gallery

Photo description: Several people gather next to the railing on the upper level of the Willard Wankelman Gallery


Wolfe Center for the Arts
Photo description: The front of the Wolfe center at night


Photo description: A student in front of 2 computers, working on a project


Photo description: A group of students who have won awards gather together for a photo


Crowds walk around downtown Bowling Green during the Black Swamp Arts Festival


Students Working in the Wood shop
Photo description: Several students work in the woodshop


Photo description: The inside of the MCAP lab, which is filled with computers and printers


These facilities possess essential equipment, source materials, enriching opportunities, and dedicated space for use by both faculty and students.

Updated: 08/06/2020 04:32PM