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Since 1980, The Medici Circle has provided funding for a wide range of enrichment activities that complement the traditional classroom experience and further elevate the excellence of School of Art faculty and students. Recent Medici sponsorships include:

  • Student field trips and tickets to see major exhibitions in New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Grand Rapids and Detroit.
  • Student scholarship assistance averaging $14,000 annually.
  • Faculty and student travel grants for presentations, conferences and further study.
  • Permanent acquisitions for the Fine Arts Center Gallery.

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Special Medici Circle Initiative
Support Studying Abroad:
Studio Art Centers International (SACI),
Ghana, and various other locations

Betsy Jaszczak studied abroad at SACI in Late Summer 2013, describing the class experience as:
“This class was completely different than anything else I had taken before, and it was one in which I would not be able to take here in the US.”

Joshua Drouillared experienced SACI in Late Summer 2017, describing his trip:

"My experience with the SACI program was nothing short of the educational experience of a lifetime. During my classes we regularly visited on site locations of famous works of art and where famous artists honed their craft. We also attended museum tours where we examined masterpieces such as Michelangelo’s David. Such visits gave me perspective on the career and thought process of artists of the Renaissance period. I made strong friendships that benefited how I look at art and how I should be experiencing life. Because of these positive experiences, I am now more open to taking big risks for the sake of educational and life experience. Not only did I fall for the city of Florence and its rich history in the arts, but also the fantastic people I met along the way through the SACI program."

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Current Board Members:

Jane Vanden Eynden

Sharon Garagasz 

Ex Officio:
Charles Kanwischer
Katerina Ruedi-Ray

President Emeritus:
David Bryan
Timothy F. Smith

Secretary Emerita:
Myrna Bryan

Board of Directors:
Chris Bloomfield
Carolyn Bowers
Sharon Gargasz
Judy Hudson
Daniel Mauk
Lynn Mazur
Beth Sheets
Judy Weinberg

Student Members:

Administrative Secretary:
Sandie Smetzer

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Medici Grant applications are now open!

Deadline to apply is Thursday, February 7th by 5pm.

No late applications will be accepted.

Please email applications to Sandra Smetzer


or drop off a hard copy to her in 212 Wolfe Center.

Student Grants

Faculty Grants

Past Medici Awardees

Fall 2011


Person/Group Artist/Event  
Brittany Cherkles Field Trip Chicago - 2DAA
Cori Crumrine Conference Shared Journeys II
Jason Duly Conference Shared Journeys II
Allie Gehres Conference Shared Journeys II
Jackie Goebel Conference Shared Journeys II
Andrew Holman Conference Shared Journeys II
Kelli Howell Conference Shared Journeys II
Allison Rosh Conference Print Society
Maria Spiess Conference Shared Journeys II
Lynn Whitney Visiting Artist David Hilliard - Art Talks - Photographic Artist


Person/Group Artist/Event  
Robert Geyer Visiting Artist Laura Donefer - Living Glass History
Mille Guldbeck Field Trip Wexner Center - Exhibition of Alexis
Clay Leonard Conference Shared Journeys II
Ruthy Light Field Trip Chicago - Art History
Masako Onodera Visiting Artist Kristi Rae Wilson - Lecture & Critique
Casey Westbrook Workshop BGSU Casting Summit


Spring 2012


Person/Group Artist/Event  
Cori Crumrine Conference NCECA
Jocelyn DeNoyer Conference NCECA
Allison Gehres Conference NCECA
Jackie Goebel Travel NCECA
Andrew Holman Travel NCECA
Kelli Howell Conference NCECA
Chaz O'Neil Student Org. Funding Glenn Osborn Retrospective Exhibition
Jess Pfundstein Student Org. Funding 6th Annual Symposium in Visual Culture
Maria Spiess Travel NCECA
Katelyn Wilson Conference NCECA


Person/Group Artist/Event  
Robert Geyer Visiting Artist Walter Lieberman - Living Glass History
Mille Guldbeck Visiting Artist Susan D'Amato
Clay Leonard Conference NCECA
Masako Onodera Workshop Granulation by Doug Harling
Gordon Ricketts Travel 9th Annual Artist: West Coast, Art & Cultural Exploration
Allie Terry-Fritsch Speaker Prof. Richard Shusterman
Lynn Whitney Visiting Artist Paula McCartney

Fall 2012


Person/Group Artist/Event  
Allan Jill Field Trip Grads Field Trip to see Ann Hamilton @ U of Akron
Megan Cannon Conference Ottawa International Animation Festival
Jason Duly Conference 2012 OAEA Greater Cincinnati Conference
Dana King Conference Society of Photographic Education Midwest Regional Conference
Kate Krisjanis Conference 2012 Mid-Atlantic Popular/American Culture Association


Person/Group Artist/Event  
Janet Ballweg Visiting Artist Workshop w/artist Sean Caulfield
Heather Elliott-Famularo Field Trip Digital Arts Field Trip to Chicago
Robert Geyer Visiting Artist Boyd Sugiki & Lisa Zerkowitz - Living Glass
Mille Guldbeck Field Trip Field Trip to Columbus Wexner
Chaotung Huang Visiting Artist Dennis Recchie - 2D Designer
Andrew Kuebeck Visiting Artist Robert Ebendorf - Jeweler
Stephanie Langin-Hooper Field Trip Art History Assoc. Field Trip to Chicago
Clay Leonard Field Trip DIA Museum & Pewabic Pottery Tour & Field Trip
Gordon Rickets Visiting Artist Mario Torero - Mural Painting in Old South End of Toledo
Jane Vanden Eynden Workshop Jeanette Canyon
Lynn Whitney Visiting Artist Nancy Hellebrand
Dennis Wojtkiewicz Field Trip Chicago Field Trip

Spring 2013


Person/Group Artist/Event  
Aimi Bouillon Conference NCECA - 3/20-23
Wesley Brown Conference NCECA - 3/20-23
Cori Crumrine Conference NCECA - 3/20-23
Morgan Daniel Conference NCECA - 3/20-23
Jocelyn DeNoyer Conference NCECA - 3/20-23
Allison Gehres Conference NCECA - 3/20-23
Kelli Howell Conference NCECA - 3/20-23
Dana King Conference Photo Club - Society for Photographic Education 2013, 3/7-10
Shawn Lopez Conference SNAG 5/15-18
Natalie McChessney Field Trip Professional Development Research Opportunity 3/7-10
Tara McNutt Conference SNAG 5/15/-18
Ashley Medwig Conference NCECA 3/20/-23
Jolee Mickesh Conference SNAG 5/15-18
Curtice Peet Conference NCECA 3/20/-23
Jess Pfundstein Conference 7th Annual Symposium: New Perspectives in Visual Culture - 3/22
Mariah Postlewait Conference Society for Photographic Education 2013 - 3/7-10
Alexandria Schultz Conference Print Society - SGCI - 3/20-24
Maria Spiess Conference NCECA - 3/20-23
Rebecca Szparagowski Conference SNAG - 5/15-18
Zak Tietjen Visiting Artist Computer Art Club - host Joshua Fry and Mary Twohig
Rachel Weber Conference NCECA - 3/20-23
Janna Wheeler Field Trip Class field trip to Toledo Zoo and Art Supply Deco - 3/16 & 3/23


Person/Group Artist/Event  
Zimra Beiner Conference NCECA - 3/20-23
Robert Geyer Visiting Artist Marc Petrovic - Living Glass History - 2/26
Clay Leonard Conference "Earth Energy" NCECA Conference - 3/20-23
Gordon Ricketts Field Trip West Coast Arts & Cultural Exploration - 3/1-11
Beth Sheets Visiting Artist Vivian Ladd: Visual Literacy
Jane Vanden Eynden Workshop Workshop for Young Artists - 4/13
Dennis Wojtkiewicz Field Trip Washington Field Trip - 2/28-3/3

Fall 2013


Person/Group   Artist/Event        
John Baker Field Trip 2DAA & Photography student trip to Chicago
Aimi Bouillon Other Ceramics Monthly subscription and Entry fee for NCECA Exhibit 9/24
Caitlin Lowe-Hoover Field Trip ArtsVillage Bronx, NY Trip  
Jolee Mickesh Workshop Zoom Symposium      
Mariah Postlewait Field Trip Lori Nix Visit      
Claiborne Vonier Conference Head, Heart, Hand:  AIGA Design Conference
Colby Wahl Conference Ottawa Animation Festival 2013-  
Danielle White Field Trip South Bronx Engagement Exp    
Amber Whitenburg Conference SOFA CHI Conference    


Person/Group   Artist/Event    
Andrew Kuebeck Visiting Artist & Lecture Harlan Butt:  Enameling on 3D Forms
Ben Lock Visiting Artist   Melanie VanHouten  
Leann Pahapill Field Trip 2013 Carnegie Int'l Exhibition  
Beth Sheets Visiting Artist   Vivian Ladd:  Visual Literacy  
Lynn Whitney Visiting Artist   Barbara Bosworth    
Dennis Wojtkiewicz Field Trip Chicago Field Trip    
Jane Vanden Eynden Workshop Leslie Lazenby Hunsberger  

Spring 2014


Person/Group Artist/Event                
Dominique Pen Field Trip DIA:  Beacon Field Trip 5/2-5/5/2014        
Nicholas Ayres Field Trip NCECA Milwaukee, Wisconsin 3/19/2014 - 3/22/2014    
Jessica Baker Field Trip Student Metal Arts Council- SNAG "From Grains to Gold"  4/23/14 - 4/26/14
John Baker Conference Photo Club - Society for Photographic Education Nat'l Conference 3/6/14 - 3/9/14
Keitlin Baker Field Trip NCECA Milwaukee, Wisconsin 3/19/2014 - 3/22/2014    
Hannah Brown Field Trip NCECA Milwaukee, Wisconsin 3/19/2014 - 3/22/2014    
Allison Burch Field Trip NCECA Milwaukee, Wisconsin 3/19/2014 - 3/22/2014    
Wesley Brown Field Trip NCECA Milwaukee, Wisconsin 3/19/2014 - 3/22/2014    
Alex Butler Field Trip NCECA Milwaukee, Wisconsin 3/19/2014 - 3/22/2014    
Philip DeCorte Conference Society for Photographic Education Baltimore, MD 3/6/2014 - 3/9/2014  
Alycia Miller Conference NCECA Milwaukee, Wisconsin 3/19/2014 - 3/22/2014    
Stella "Emmy" King Conference NCECA Milwaukee, Wisconsin 3/19/2014 - 3/22/2014    
Kara O'Dea Conference NCECA Milwaukee, Wisconsin 3/19/2014 - 3/22/2014    
Nick Purpura Conference NCECA Milwaukee, Wisconsin 3/19/2014 - 3/22/2014    
Adrianna Schlemmer Conference NCECA Milwaukee, Wisconsin 3/19/2014 - 3/22/2014    
Colby Wahl Conference Game Developers 3/19/2014 - 3/21/2014        
Kelsey Winiarski Conference Associated Grad Students of English's Academic Conf:  Intersections 3/8/2014
Bethany Wright Conference NCECA Milwaukee, Wisconsin 3/19/2014 - 3/22/2014    


Person/Group Artist/Event            
Michael Arrigo Visiting Artist /workshop Sara Black - 3/28/2014      
Hassan Pitts Field Trip Digital Arts Fileld Trip to Eli and Edythe Broad Museum - 2/22/14
Gordon Ricketts Field Trip 11th Annual Artist:  West Coast Arts & Cultural Exploration
Blake Sanders Visiting Artist /workshop Meghan O'Connor  2/10-2/14/2014    
Jane Vanden Eynden Field Trip Falling Waters for Art Educ Students 4/4-4/5/2014  
Dennis Wojkiewicz Field Trip New York Field Trip 3/6/2014-3/9/2014    
Lynn Whitney Field Trip Cleveland Museum of Art and Transformer Station 4/3/2014
The Medici Circle Newsletter

A group of observers gather around a Dennis Recchia as they participate in a visiting artist storyboard workshop.

School of Art students participate in a Visiting Artist storyboard workshop and public lecture with Dennis Recchia-Digital Arts Animator.

To join the Medici Circle via check, please click here for a downloadable form (PDF)

Special Medici Circle Initiative

Support Study Abroad: Studio Art Centers International (SACI), Ghana and other locations

Donate or become a member of the Medici Circle here