Transfer Students

Are you considering transferring to the School of Art at BGSU? If you are planning on transferring to the School of Art at BGSU, and you are beginning to take courses at another institution, the following guidelines will assist you in selecting courses. In order to transfer to BGSU, you must apply for admission to the University and submit official transcripts which will be evaluated by the Office of Transfer Credit Evaluation.

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Transfer Guideline Resources

  • The Ohio Department of Higher Education has developed a system to ensure that students can begin their college education at any public institution of higher learning in Ohio and transfer to any other public institution of higher learning in Ohio without unnecessarily duplicating credit. 
  • Transfer Assurance Guides (TAGs): Transfer Assurance Guides have been developed to create pathways to degree completion. 
  • Transfer Assurance Guide Course Reporting: To find out if your current institution and your destination institution have approved course matches for TAG courses, consult the Transfer Assurance Guide Course Reporting System. 
  • Ohio Articulation Number (OAN): TAGs provide guidelines for course selection for each pathway. Courses at public institutions across Ohio that meet TAG requirements have been assigned an OAN. 
  • Ohio Transfer 36 (formerly known as Ohio Transfer Module [OTM]): Students attending Ohio public institutions can choose Ohio Transfer 36 courses to satisfy general education courses.

After admission & transfer evaluation report

Once a transfer student's course evaluation has been completed by the BGSU Transfer office, next steps are available below for further substitution of Art and Art History courses:


School of Art

Transfer Credit Evaluation Process

2018 – 2019

Courses that appear on the Transfer Evaluation Report as ART, ARTC, ARTD, ARTE, ARTH, ARTS 1XXX or 3XXX are not automatically used by the Degree Audit to fulfill major and minor requirements in degree programs offered by the School of Art.

It is possible that upon further evaluation some or all of these courses could be substituted to meet degree requirements in major or minor programs offered by the School of Art.

Students who wish to seek further evaluation of any 1XXX or 3XXX courses in the areas of ART, ARTC, ARTD, ARTE, ARTH or ARTS may follow the steps below.

1.     Student obtains a copy of their BGSU Transfer Evaluation Report.

  • The Office of Transfer Credit Evaluation sends a copy of the Transfer Evaluation Report to the student’s official BGSU email account.
  • If necessary, student may request another copy of the report from the Office of Transfer Credit Evaluation, Room 115, Administration Building, 419-372-7959 or

2.     Student meets with SOA Associate Director to review Transfer Evaluation Report.

  • Student emails Associate Director to request an appointment to discuss specific courses and determine next steps.
  • Student provides Transfer Evaluation Report to Associate Director at time of appointment.
  • If you need to contact the Associate Director, please contact our office at 419-372-2786 or and we will be happy to connect you.

3.     Student meets with appropriate SOA Faculty on recommendation of Associate Director.

  • Student provides Transfer Evaluation Report.
  • Student provides copies of class materials for review (syllabus, portfolio, assignments, etc.).

4.     Faculty evaluators send email to Associate Director with evaluation decisions.

Email must include:

i. Student ID
ii. Name of transfer institution
iii. Name of transfer course
iv. Course code and number of transfer course credits

5.     Associate Director writes up Substitution Request Form for the student.

6.     Associate Director forwards form to SOA Director for approval.

7.     Director forwards form to SOA Secretary I.

8.     Secretary I forwards form to A & S college office for approval and coding in student’s Degree Audit.

9.     Student is responsible to monitor their Degree Audit to make sure that the substitution has been coded.

10.   Student contacts Associate Director if substitution does not appear in Degree Audit within two weeks of submission. 

Click here to download the 2018-2019 Transfer Credit Evaluation Process

The following is a list of courses that can be evaluated by faculty at the School of Art. Please contact our office at 419-372-2786 or for further information about who to contact for each division.

• ART 1020 Design Studio: Surface and Process
• ART 1030 Drawing Studio: Perception and Color
• ART 1120 Media Studio: Space and Time
• ARTH 1450 Western Art I
• ARTH 1460 Western Art II
• ARTS 4070 Art In Context
• ARTS 4090 Professional Practices

• ARTE 2440 Art for Early Childhood Education
• ARTE 2450 Art for Middle Childhood Education
• ARTE 2520 Foundations of Art Education
• ARTE 3520 Media and Methods in Art Education
• ARTE 3820 Art Methods for Inclusive Learners
• ARTE 4070 Visual Arts Methods and Teaching Practicum
• ARTE 4520 Advanced Methods in Art Education 

• ARTH 2700 Survey of World Art
• ARTH 2900 Art History Methods and Theory
• ARTH 3110 Bronze Age Aegean Art
• ARTH 3130 Greek Art
• ARTH 3150 Etruscan and Roman Art
• ARTH 3170 Ancient Near Eastern Art
• ARTH 3190 Ancient Egyptian Art
• ARTH 3310 Early Christian and Byzantine Art
• ARTH 3330 Medieval Art
• ARTH 3350 Art of the Italian Renaissance
• ARTH 3370 Northern Renaissance Art
• ARTH 3390 Baroque Art
• ARTH 3610 Art of the 19th Century
• ARTH 3630 Modern Architecture
• ARTH 3650 Histories of Photography
• ARTH 3670 Art of the Modern Period
• ARTH 3690 Art of the Contemporary Period
• ARTH 3710 Art of India and S.E. Asia
• ARTH 3730 Art of China and Japan
• ARTH 3750 Art of Western Africa
• ARTH 3770 MesoAmerican Art
• ARTH 3790 Oceanic Art
• ARTH 4150 Critical Issues in Ancient Art
• ARTH 4350 Critical Issues in Early Modern Art
• ARTH 4650 Critical Issues in Art and Technologies
• ARTH 4690 Critical Issues in Modern and Contemporary Art 

• ARTS 2710 Ceramics I
• ARTS 3720 Ceramics II
• ARTS 3730 Ceramics III
• ARTS 4740 Advanced Ceramics
• ARTS 4750 Glazes and Raw Materials
• ARTS 4760 Kiln Design
• ARTS Senior Studio in Ceramics 

• ARTC 2210 Digital Imaging
• ARTC 3100 Animation Principles & Techniques
• ARTC 3110 3-D Modeling
• ARTC 3120 3-D Digital Animation
• ARTC 3310 Interactive Art
• ARTC 3440 Digital Video Art
• ARTC 4000 Contemporary Practices in Digital Arts
• ARTC 4090 Professional Practices & Presentation
• ARTC 4130 Digital Character Animation I
• ARTC 4140 Digital Character Animation II
• ARTC 4180 Senior Studio In Digital Arts
• ARTC 4230 Advanced Digital Imaging Art Studio
• ARTC 4240 Alternative Digital Print
• ARTC 4250 Photography for Digital Artists
• ARTC 4330 Advanced Digital Imaging Art Studio
• ARTC 4440 Advanced Digital Video Art

• ARTS 2110 Drawing: The Figure
• ARTS 3130 Contemporary Concepts in Drawing
• ARTS 4240 Advanced Painting and Drawing
• ARTS 4280 Senior Studio in Painting and Drawing

• ARTS 2610 Glass I
• ARTS 3620 Glass II
• ARTS 3630 Introduction to Glass Casting
• ARTS 4630 Glass III
• ARTS 4640 Glass IV
• ARTS 4680 Senior Studio in Glass

• ARTD 2010 Principles of Graphic Design
• ARTD 2020 Principles of Typography
• ARTD 3010 Intermediate Graphic Design
• ARTD 3040 Three Dimensional Graphic Design
• ARTD 3050 Graphic Design Processes & Procedures
• ARTD 3060 Graphic Design Theory
• ARTD 4010 History of Graphic Design
• ARTD 4030 Systems-Based Graphic Design
• ARTD 4050 Interactive Graphic Design
• ARTD 4060 Graphic Design Practicum
• ARTD 4070 Graphic Design Senior Thesis
• ARTD 4080 Senior Studio in Graphic Design
• ARTD 4890 Graphic Design Internship

• ARTS 2810 Jewelry and Metals I
• ARTS 3820 Enameling on Metal
• ARTS 3830 Jewelry and Metals II
• ARTS 4840 Jewelry and Metals III
• ARTS 4880 Senior Studio in Jewelry and Metals

• ARTS 2210 Introduction to Painting
• ARTS 3240 Contemporary Concepts in Painting
• ARTS 4240 Advanced Painting and Drawing
• ARTS 4280 Senior Studio in Painting and Drawing

• ARTS 2410 Introduction to the Language of Photography
• ARTS 3420 Photography: Large Format
• ARTS 3410 Community Projects in Photography
• ARTS 3430 Contemporary Concepts in Photography: Intro to Color
• ARTS 4440 Advanced Contemporary Concepts in Photography
• ARTS 4480 Senior Studio in Photography

• ARTS 2310 Introduction to Printmaking
• ARTS 3320 Printmaking: Relief and Monoprinting
• ARTS 3330 Printmaking: Etching
• ARTS 3340 Printmaking: Lithography
• ARTS 3350 Screenprinting
• ARTS 4350 Advanced Printmaking
• ARTS 4360 2D-Digital Hybrids
• ARTS 4380 Senior Studio in Prints

• ARTS 2910 Modeling and Moldmaking
• ARTS 3920 Introduction to Carving
• ARTS 3930 Metal Casting
• ARTS 4940 Advanced Technical Carving
• ARTS 4950 Advanced Sculptural Research
• ARTS 4980 Senior Studio in Sculpture

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