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The Ceramics program at BGSU introduces students to a wide range of techniques and processes that emphasize creative thinking and individual artistic growth. Students are exposed to the rich history of ceramic art, and are guided into achieving excellence in aesthetics, concept, craftsmanship, and professionalism while developing their unique artistic visions. The studio experience emphasizes community and the ability to work in a group, offering many opportunities for individual leadership. New Ceramicists participate in every facet of a functioning studio, from mixing their own clays and glazes, to firing their own work.

Undergraduates can pursue a degree in ceramics through a BFA in Studio Art, a BFA in Art Education, or a BA in Studio Art. Every student will also take a senior-level course in professional practices. The program in Ceramics is designed to help students become fully functioning artists upon graduation, with the necessary skills required to open their own studio and a solid foundation pursue further study.

While at BGSU, students develop their art skills and learn to express themselves visually through the investigation of form. All art disciplines require the development of problem solving skills, which will enable the student to pursue further study in art as well as to enter the work force in many different capacities.

The program in Ceramics is designed to prepare students to be fully functioning artists upon graduation, ready to open their own studio or to pursue graduate or post-baccalaureate study.

Undergraduates from Ceramics have gone on to post-baccalaureate study at Louisiana State University, San Jose State University, Southern Illinois State University Edwardsville, University of Hartford, and the University of Nebraska Lincoln.

BGSU alumni have been awarded graduate assistantships in ceramics at The Ohio State University, Penn State University, Rhode Island School of Design, San Jose State University, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, SUNY New Palz, University of Iowa, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, University of Notre Dame, and the University of South Carolina.

Alumni hold positions within various levels of education, including elementary and high schools in Ohio, community colleges, and community ceramic studios.

Graduates of the M.F.A. program have taught at Chaffey Community College, Frog Hollow Craft Center, Oklahoma State University, Pewabic Pottery, Southern Illinois University, SUNY New Palz, Tucson Museum of Art, and the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, and worked as resident artists at the Cub Creek Foundation.

Clay Club

The Clay Club holds three sales of student work each year to support our Visiting Artist program and to supplement the funding needs of the Ceramics area. Students learn to market their work while improving the quality of their educational experience.

Since 1997, Ceramics and the Clay Club have hosted workshops by Dan Anderson, Bob Archambeau, Rudy Autio, Peter Beasecker, Pipo Brockmann, Linda Christianson, Sam Chung, Josh DeWeese, Julia Galloway, Andrea Gill, John Gill, Shannon Goff, Shao Junya, Jun Kaneko, Jim Leedy, Ron Myers, Brandon Reese, Don Reitz, Paul Soldner, Beth Cavener Stichter, Peter Voulkos, Robby Wood, Luo Xiaoping, Jane Shellenbarger, Brad Schweiger, Tara Wilson, Deborah Schwartzkopf, and Steve Zaworski.

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John Balistreri

  • Position: Professor, Area Head, Ceramics
  • Phone: 419-372-7764
  • Email: balistr@bgsu.edu
  • Address: 1222 FAC
Andrew Gilliatt

Andrew Gilliatt

  • Position: Instructor, Ceramics
  • Phone: 419-372-1490
  • Email: agillia@bgsu.edu
  • Address: 1220 FAC

Ceramics has a fully-equipped studio within the Fine Arts Center, with equipment for throwing and hand-building. The kiln yard includes soda, salt, and wood kilns constructed by students. The Glaze Lab is fully stocked with a complete inventory of raw materials.

For more information, visit the Ceramics Studio facility page.

BGSU Clay Club

The Clay Club is a community of artists striving to study, educate, celebrate, & share the ceramic arts with students & the community. The Clay Club fuels students' knowledge, inspiration, and dedication to ceramics and all things clay related.

The club is advised by Andrew Gilliat.



News and Stories

Lexy Schimpf – Curs Grant and Aaron Macy Memorial Scholarship

Lexy won the Curs Grant for her work of “experimenting with color and texture in ceramics”. Lexy also won the Aaron Macy Memorial Scholarship.

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