Current Student Resources

The School of Art encourages students to immerse themselves into the world of art. The curriculum provides the technical and intellectual resources needed to empower students with the ability to gain proficiency in their chosen field and to gain knowledge in other artistic areas.

Beyond the classroom, the School of Art offers many more opportunties for students to learn, enjoy and participate in artistic experiences, including:

  • visiting artist lectures and workshops
  • study abroad programs
  • involvement in professional organizations
  • student clubs
  • professional memberships
  • local arts festivals
  • student exhibitions
  • regional and national exhibitions

With our curriculum, undergraduate students are encouraged to cross disciplines and make connections to the greater world of art. The School of Art's selection of courses in two-dimensional studies, three-dimensional studies, digital arts, graphic design, art history and art education provides the technical and intellectual resources needed to enable students to gain technical proficiency in one area while exploring a variety of other disciplines within the arts.

Beyond the immediate classroom, there are many opportunities for students to study, enjoy, and partake in the arts as part of their degree program. Possibilities include visiting artist lectures and workshops, study abroad programs, involvement in professional conferences and organizations, student clubs, professional memberships, local arts festivals, student exhibitions, as well as regional and national exhibitions.


Bowling Green State University School of Art students push the envelope each and every day. Students excel inside and outside of the classroom and accomplish amazing feats on a regular basis. We encourage students and faculty to Add Accomplishments to help recognize currently enrolled students who have had internship, job or residency experiences related to their field, won awards or received honors, traveled to amazing places, or exhibited their work in shows outside of the BGSU School of Art.