Production Studio

Photo description: An empty stool sits underneath 2 spotlights in the production studio

Students have access to a spacious Production Studio in room 201, located on our second floor.

The Production Studio is used by students for work documentation, making use of the lighting and backdrop equipment available.

  • Light Box
  • White Paper Infinity Wall
  • Faux Gallery Wall
  • 20' feet of backdrop in Black, White, and Chromatic Green
  • Led Stand Lighting
  • Fluorescent Stand Lighting
  • Professional Grade Tripods
  • Cord Connectors and Adapters

Cameras can be rented from the MCAP.


The Production Studio is only available for use after permission has been granted by an instructor, faculty, or technician within the School of Art. Once permission has been granted however, a student is free to make use of the studio at any time of day by means of reserving the room.

The studio can be reserved by marking 2 hours slots on the calendar beside the door in the hall.




Updated: 06/15/2020 02:53PM