Ceramics Studio

Photo description: A student makes a clay jar on a pottery wheel. Several other jars sit on a table nearby.

Ceramics has a fully-equipped studio within the Fine Arts Center, with equipment for throwing and hand-building. The kiln yard includes soda, salt, and wood kilns constructed by students. The Glaze Lab is fully stocked with a complete inventory of raw materials.

Studio Equipment

  • 6 Soldner kick wheels
  • 2 Lockerbie kick wheels
  • 1 Klopfenstein treadle wheel
  • 10 Brent electric wheels
  • Bailey extruder
  • Bailey electric slab roller
  • Soldner clay mixer
  • Fluke pyrometer
  • Chain saws, angle grinders, stick welder, rolling carts, scales, drill, etc.
  • Students also have access to the School of Arts well-equipped woodshop.


  • 18-cubic-foot Bailey downdraft kiln
  • 90-cubic-foot downdraft gas kiln
  • 5 Top-loading electric kilns
  • 1 Fredrickson front-loading electric kiln
  • 175-cubic-foot downdraft salt kiln
  • 12-foot-long anagama-type wood kiln
  • 85-cubic-foot crossdraft soda kiln
  • 21-cubic-foot downdraft soda kiln
  • The selection of atmospheric kilns (salt, soda, and anagama) affords students a special experience that can be found in very few Universities nationwide.


Updated: 05/01/2019 02:08PM