Jewelry and Metals Studio

Photo description: Several students gather around a table in the Jewelry and Metals Studio

The 2,000 square foot main jewelry studio includes:

  • A 400 square foot advanced studio area
  • 1,000 square foot enameling area
  • An 1,100 square foot graduate metal studio

Metal Studio includes:

  • The metal forming facilities including a large selection of hammers and stakes
  •  Hydraulic die forming equipment 
  • Chasing and repousse equipment 
  • Vacuum and centrifugal casting equipment 
  • Complete enameling facility equipped with 5 kilns.

Also Included:

  • Bonny Doon Volume and Form Press
  • Metal Spinning Lathe
  • Copper electroforming: 25 gallon capacity tank and 100 gallon capacity tank
  • Aluminum anodizing: Spray etching unit Rolling mills Sand blaster with dust collector

Other equipment:

  • Acetylene/air torches 
  • Oxygen/natural gas soldering torches 
  • Large annealing torch 
  • Exhaust system over soldering 
  • Burn out and enameling areas 
  • 22 x 72" fuming hoods for acid working and hazardous chemicals 
  • Compact 5 lathe and mill with accessories 
  • 48" metal shear 
  • Rotary and vibratory tumblers 
  • Assortment of drawplates 
  • Stone setting tools 
  • Belt sanders.