Photography Studio

Photo description: Two students look at a strip of film

The photography facility is comprised of a spacious enlarging room supporting:

  • 15 Saunders LPL D6700 Dichroic color enlargers 
  • 6 Saunders 4550 LPL Dichroic enlargers for printing color and black-and-white 35mm , 120mm and 4x5 negatives.
  • A circular light safe door facilitates its access from the main area where washing and finishing prints, film processing and general discussions take place.

The photography program supports a modest studio equipped with:

  • Electronic strobes
  • Incandescent lights, soft boxes, backdrops, and a camera stand that students may access after classes and on weekends with the permission of an instructor. 

Our program and facilities are dedicated to evolving into contemporary practice.

A 15- station computer lab designed to the specifications required of photography students supports:

  • Two film scanners
  • An Epson 9900 large format printer capable of printing 44" inches wide
  • Two 17" wide printers. 

This technology serves students regardless of their proficiency or preference for film or digital capture, and demonstrates our commitment to evolving technology and standards within the photographic medium.

A general classroom, shared with the Printmaking area, is used as a lecture room, studio lighting space clean workroom, and critique area. 

Students are expected to acquire their own 35 mm film camera for the introductory Black and white class and which will support them as they make progress through the program. We supply Mamiya 645 s and Calumet 4x5 cameras for our large format and advanced level students.

Updated: 05/01/2019 02:11PM