Faculty & Staff

As an interdisciplinary program, the American Culture Studies Program works with affiliated graduate faculty from all across campus, while maintaining a strong number of core faculty. The ACS faculty is also assisted by the MA Executive Committee and the PhD Executive Committee.  

Andrew Schocket

Andrew M. Schocket

Position: Professor, History and American Culture Studies
Phone: 419-372-8197
Email: aschock@bgsu.edu
Address: 102 East Hall

Dr. Schocket teaches required courses and special topics courses regularly for the ACS and History programs.

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Radhika Gajjala

Radhika Gajjala

Position: Professor, American Culture Studies and Communication Studies
Phone: 419-372-7133
Email: radhik@bgsu.edu
Address: 328 Kuhlin Center

Dr. Gajjala teaches courses in ACS that are often cross-listed Media and Communication and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

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Scott Martin

Scott C. Martin

Position: Professor, History and American Cultural Studies
Phone: 419-372-8767
Email: smartin@bgsu.edu
Address: 136 Williams Hall

Dr. Martin is the Director of the History Department and has a joint appointment with the ACS program, where he teaches required and special topics courses regularly.

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Rebecca Kinney

Rebecca Kinney

Position: Associate Professor, School of Cultural and Critical Studies
Phone: 419-372-4378
Email: rkinney@bgsu.edu
Address: 108 East Hall

Dr. Kinney is an interdisciplinary teacher and scholar of race, place, and popular culture. She teaches courses on race and popular culture and qualitative research methods.

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Jolie Sheffer

Jolie Sheffer

Position: Associate Professor, English and American Culture Studies; Director, Institute for the Study of Culture & Society
Phone: 419-372-0589
Email: jsheffe@bgsu.edu
Address: 414 East Hall

Dr. Sheffer teaches courses in English that are cross-listed with ACS and has taught the required ACS Theory and Methods course as well.

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Rob Sloane

Robert Sloane

Position: Undergraduate Coordinator for American Culture Studies; Instructor, American Culture Studies
Phone: 419-372-2785
Email: rsloane@bgsu.edu
Address: 107 East Hall

Robert Sloane teaches core undergraduate courses for ACS as well as the Teaching ACS course for graduate students.

Chuck Coletta

Charles Coletta

Position: Lecturer, Popular Culture and American Culture Studies
Phone: 419-372-0546
Email: ccolett@bgsu.edu
Address: Kohl 031

Dr. Coletta teaches undergraduate courses for both ACS and Popular Culture.

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College of Arts and Sciences

English Department

Research Interests:
Postcolonial, post 9/11 global, race, and cultural theories, Palestinian conflict, film and popular culture, the global western, women and Islam, graphic novels

Current Projects:
Two edited volumes on global responses to 9/11 & terrorism currently under contract with Palgrave McMillan

Recent Courses:
Global Responses to 9/11, Imagining Palestine, Graphic Novels, Race and Gender in Ethnic Lit., African Identities in Film, Deconstructing Islamophobia

Contact: khani@bgsu.edu

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Department of Ethnic Studies
Department of Popular Culture
School of Media and Communication
Department of History
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program
Department of Political Science
Department of Theatre and Film
Department of World Languages and Cultures
School of Art

College of Music

Department of Musicology/Ethnomusicology

College of Education and Human Development

Department of Higher Education & Student Affairs
School of Human Movement, Sport & Leisure Studies
School of Family & Consumer Sciences

The MA Executive Committee

Dr. Robert Sloane
Dr. Jeff Brown
Dr. Vibha Bhalla
Dr. Melissa Miller
Graduate Representative:

Ph.D Executive Committee

Dr. Jolie Sheffer
Dr. Andrew Hershberger
Dr. Sarah Rainey-Smithback
Dr. Vikki Krane
Dr. Tim Messer-Kruse
Dr. Cynthia Baron
Graduate Representative:  

CCS Graduate Student Council

1st year ACS MA – Justin Kindelt
2nd year ACS MA – Cheyanne Jeffries
1st year ACS Ph.D – Aurora Taylor
2nd year ACS Ph.D – Riddhima Sharma
3rd year ACS Ph.D – Tabetha Violet
4th year ACS Ph.D –
1st year POPC MA - Samantha Decker
2nd year POPC MA - Marley Stuever-Williford
Ex Officio - Elizabeth Brownlow


Beka Patterson

Position: Graduate Program Secretary to the School of Cultural and Critical Studies

Phone: 419 372 8886; Fax: 419 372 7537
Email: rpatter@bgsu.edu
Address: 101 East Hall


Amy Davidson

Position: Administrative Assistant to the School of Cultural and Critical Studies
Phone: 419 372 6525; Fax: 419 372 0330
Email: amyd@bgsu.edu
Address: 227 Shatzel Hall

DeeDee Wentland

Dee Dee Wentland

Position: Senior Secretary to the School of Cultural and Critical Studies
Phone: 419 372 2796; Fax: 419 372 0330
Email: dwentla@bgsu.edu
Address: 228 Shatzel Hall