John Dowd, Ph.D.


Position: Assistant Professor
Phone: 419-372-4575 Fax: 419-372-0202
Address: 316 Kuhlin Center

Most broadly, my primary interests in communication are motivated by the ways in which language mediates between us and the world. As others have noted, we don't simply live in a world of things but rather, in a world of the meaning of things. And communication is central, not peripheral, to making and managing meaning. Thus, our study of communication helps us to better understand the complex problems within our world, as well as enables (or constrains) our ability to create more meaningful, ethical, and worthwhile organizations and lives.

Drawing largely upon rhetoric and social theory, organizational communication, and media ecology I am additionally interested in the embodied nature of communication, and aim to more fully understand the ways in which new media (as bodily extensions) shape human organizing in a variety of socio-political contexts.

Courses Taught: Rhetorical Criticism; Organizational Communication

Education: Ph.D. Purdue University