Jonathan Chambers

Courses Taught :

  • THFM 7810: Research and Publication
  • THFM 7750: Modernism in Theatre and Performance
  • THFM 7740: Contemporary Theatre and Performance
  • THFM 7730: Critical Traditions in Theatre/Performance II
  • THFM 7720: Critical Traditions in Theatre/Performance I
  • THFM 7660: Theatre and Performance History: Ancient-16th Century: Greek Tragedy
  • THFM 7620: Directing and Staging Theory
  • THFM 6820: Theatrical Visions: Postmodern Theory/Postmodern Theatre
  • THFM 6820: Theatrical Visions: Performance Criticism
  • THFM 6820: Theatrical Visions: Brecht and the Brechtian Legacy
  • THFM 6700: History of Theatre in the Americas: Modernism, the U.S., and Theatre
  • THFM 6670: Staging Image and Text
  • THFM 6610: Theatre/Performance in Cultural Contects II
  • THFM 6590: Research Methods in Theatre and Performance Studies
  • THFM 3950: Workshop in Current Topics: London Theatre Experience (with Sara Chambers)
  • THFM 3450: Acting: Topics and Applications: Physical Theatre and Non-Realism
  • THFM 3450: Acting: Topics and Applications: Greek Tragedy
  • THFM 3440: Character and Range
  • THFM 2410: Acting: Principles
  • In addition to regular courses taught, Dr. Chambers has served as an advisor on over 20 PhD dissertations

Institutions/Professional Companies with which Dr. Chambers has worked:
Before coming to Bowling Green State University, Dr. Chambers taught at St. Lawrence University.  He is the producer of the independent theatre company, Broken Spectacle Productions.

Production or Film Credits:
Dr. Chambers' work onstage and behind-the-scenes is extensive. He has served as director for Bowling Green State University's productions of She Stoops to Conquer (April 2004), Quiet In the Land (February 2005), Unity, 1918 (March 2007),  The Importance of Being Ernest (December 2009), Bloody Poetry(February 2011), The Arabian Nights (February 2012), The SeaGull (October 2012), Blue/Orange (February 2014), Urinetown (April 2015), and Middletown (February 2016).  With Broken Spectacle he has directed Exit, Pursued by a Bear (August 2014), and played the role of Bob in Swimming in the Shallows (September 2015).

Union or Professional Organizations:

  • ATHE (Association for Theatre in Higher Education)
  • ATDS (American Theatre & Drama Society)
  • MATC (Mid-America Theatre Conference)
  • ASTR (American Society for Theatre Research)

Research / Publications :
Dr. Chambers' book, Messiah of the New Technique: John Howard Lawson, Communism and American Theatre, 1923-1937, was published in 2006  by Southern Illinois University Press. He has had essays and reviews published in a wide variety of journals, and chapters in edited anthologies. He has served as editor of the journal, Theatre Topics, as Vice President for Research and Publication for ATHE, and as President of ATDS.  In 2015, he served as guest editor for an issue of the Journal of American Drama and Theatre, focused on the topic of Myth/America/Theatre.  Dr. Chambers is the 2016 recipient of the Betty Jean Jones Award, given by ATDS to an individual who has demonstrated excellence in the teaching of American Theatre.