Graduate Program

Sheffer sheds new light on 60's

The BGSU American Culture Studies M.A. and Ph.D graduate programs are small, selective interdisciplinary programs featuring intellectual rigor and an inclusive sense of community. We are a nationally ranked program that is among the top in the field in terms of supporting our students with meaningful assistantships, professional development funds, strong mentoring, efficient time to degree, and job placement in academia and beyond. We are a caring program that values all our students, faculty, and staff.
ACS offers students the opportunity to critically explore the cultural and intellectual traditions that have historically shaped and defined American identity. The program challenges students to think of culture as a dynamic and contested domain, whose definition and deployment are negotiated in the context of complex power dynamics and struggles. It invites students to consider the role of mass media and mediated images of subjectivity in the formation of cultural identity. It also invites students to explore the ways in which American identity has been historically gendered and racialized in myths of nation-making, nationalism, and national identity. Additionally, we encourage students to consider these struggles over identity in their larger transnational and diasporic contexts. The American Culture Studies program is interdisciplinary and comparative in nature. It emphasizes the development of critical analytical and scholarly skills, and offers training to prepare students for academic and professional careers.

Please email, or call us at 419-372-8886, so we can begin the conversation about whether ACS at BGSU is a good match for you.