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Culture Club Mission Statement 

Culture Club: Cultural Studies Scholars' Association is an interdisciplinary organization founded in 2006 to promote the critical study of culture, society, media, and history. Culture Club gathers, supports, and showcases the study of culture by BGSU graduate students. Most--but never all--Culture Club members are working towards a BGSU School of Cultural and Critical Studies graduate degree or certificate in American Studies, Ethnic Studies, Popular Culture Studies, or Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.  

Thursday, October 21st | 11:30-1:30PM| East Hall 103 Conference Room
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Niche Research, Versatile Scholarship, and Work that Changes You

Cynthia Baron is a professor in the Department of Theatre and Film and an affiliated faculty in the American Culture Studies program. She is also co-chair of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies Caucus on Class and editor of The Projector: A Journal on Film, Media, and Culture.

The presentation briefly outlines her current projects, which include the manuscript, Recasting (White) Genres: Race, Ethnicity, and Performance in Contemporary Film and Television, as well as the anthologies, Imprisonment: Representations in Global Film and Media and Intersecting Aesthetics: Literary Adaptations and Cinematic Representations of Blackness. The presentation also looks back at her thirty years of research and publication in film, media, performance, and culture studies. The discussion is designed for people interested in the field of film and media studies and, more broadly, for those thinking about how to navigate research and publication in the humanities or social sciences. 

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Culture Under Construction: Culture as Syncretism, Authenticity, and Experience

February 18-19, 2022 | Bowling Green State University

A scholar who proposes to know culture unpacks objects, considers official narratives, and seeks out informants in a quest to know the nature of a great, not entirely settled, social text.

This winter BGSU’s Culture Club hopes to gather together the campus’s culture studies scholars and scholarship for a day of discussion and display that points to the motion, agents, and moments in Culture Under Construction.



2021-2022 Executive Board:  

President: Leda Hayes
Vice-President: Tyler Wertsch
Treasurer: Bena Thomason
Officer-At-Large: Steven Stendebach
Officer-At-Large: Sarah Ford