Culture Club Student Organization

Culture Club Mission Statement 

Culture Club: Cultural Studies Scholars' Association is an interdisciplinary organization founded in 2006 to promote the critical study of culture, society, media, and history. Working collaboratively with graduate students from American Culture Studies, the Departments of Popular Culture, Theatre and Film, Psychology, History, and other disciplines with an interest in Cultural Studies, we are dedicated to developing a national graduate student conference, held every February on the Bowling Green State University campus. Our conference brings together and facilitates dialogue among students, scholars and activists from Bowling Green State University, the Great Lakes region, across the nation, and from around the world who are interested in the engagement of cultural studies. We understand the study of culture not to be the exclusive domain of any one discipline and celebrate the positive outcomes of trans-disciplinary outreach, engagement, and collaboration.

2020-2021 Executive Board:

President: Robin Hershkowitz
Treasurer: Ericka Findley

Mid-Semester Mixer:

The Culture Club, the graduate student organization for the critical study of culture, society, media, and history, invites ACS students to a Mid-Semester Mixer. We will hold an in-person event AND a virtual event, and you are encouraged to attend either or both!

The goal of the event is to (1) discuss the future of culture club and find out how the organization can fit your needs, (2) share resources, ideas, and exciting research projects, and (3) most importantly, get a chance for new students to connect with current students to see what help we can offer.

Wednesday, Sept 30, 5:30 pm-7:30 pm (stop in anytime); the white event tents in the parking lot west of the BTSU

Face coverings and social distancing are required. The outdoor tent area in the BTSU provides a setup to facilitate social distancing. Unfortunately, but for obvious reasons, we will not be serving food; feel free to bring your own snacks.

Virtual Event: Thursday, Oct- 7:30pm-9:00pm (stop in any time!)

This event will happen over Zoom. Pets welcome!
Contact Robin Hershkowitz for the meeting link: