Joshua D. Atkinson, Ph.D.


Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-3403 Fax: 419-372-0202
Address: 400 Kuhlin Center


Research interests: Activism, alternative media, political campaigns, space and place.

Dr. Atkinson’s past research primarily focused on the role of alternative media in western activism. Specifically, his research illustrated the ways in which activists utilized alternative media to construct contexts for communicative resistance. Over the years, he has interviewed numerous activists and alternative media producers affiliated with a variety of different causes: anti-war, Tea Party, indigenous rights, and more.  Recently, Dr. Atkinson’s research interests have turned to the exploration of communicative practices utilized by people in efforts to reclaim lost spaces and places. His research has explored the use of interactive media in the construction of alternative cityscape, camouflaging practices that hide insensitive representations in museums, and the role of historical markers in the construction of overlapping cityscapes. 


Ph.D. Communication, University of Missouri-Columbia
M.A. Communication, Missouri State University
B.A. Sociology, Missouri State University


COMM 4300: Social Movements
COMM 4020: Political Communication
COMM 4200: Discourses of Power
COMM 3100: Rhetorical Criticism
COMM 4180: Ethics
MC 6000: Introduction to Media & Communication
MC 7290: Alternative Media & Social Movements

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