Lara Lengel, Ph.D.


Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-7653 Fax: 419-372-0202
Address: 314 Kuhlin Center


My research centers on issues of gender and identity in transnational performance studies, also engaging the interdisciplinary connections between intercultural and transnational communication studies, gender and women’s studies, and performance studies.  These interests emerged during my year as a Fulbright Research Scholar, American Institute of Maghreb Studies Fellow and John Houk Memorial Fellow in North African Tunisia. That field research experience provided great opportunity to interrogate the concepts of transnational or global feminisms, create synergies between international and intercultural communication (at the time, entirely distinct and separate subdisciplinary areas), and explore the newest series of debates in cultural studies on globalized discourses of culture and power. Since that time, I have returned to Tunisia several times as part of two grant programs ($330,000 and $388,000 respectively) from the U.S. Department of State.


Ph.D., Mass Communication, Ohio University
M.S., Mass Communication, Miami University
B.A., Musicology, Miami University


Undergraduate courses developed and taught:

IPC 4220 Technology in World Communication
IPC 4900 Communication and Culture in Italy (study abroad course in Florence, Italy)

Undergraduate courses taught:

IPC 4080 Intercultural Communication
IPC 4090 International Communication
IPC 4180 Ethics in Communication
IPC 4220 Gender and Communication

Courses adapted and taught for the BGeXperience program:

IPC 1020 Speech Communication
IPC/INST 2100 Interpersonal Communication in International Contexts

Graduate courses developed and taught:

COMS 5860 Communication and Culture in Italy (study abroad course in Florence, Italy)
COMS 7800 International Media, Communication and Cultures

Graduate courses taught:

COMS 6400 Humanistic Research Methods
COMS 7800 Gender and Communication