Health Insurance

International students are required to enroll in the BGSU sponsored health insurance plan. The cost of 2020-21 student health insurance has not been determined. To assist you with budgeting, the 2019-20 annual student cost was $2,192. You can choose to have the cost broken down into two semesters, as opposed to paying the entire cost during fall semester. It will be billed on your student account (bursar).

International students who are already covered by an insurance policy that is backed by their government/embassy, or are covered as a dependent on a U.S. based employee plan, and such plan meets all BGSU minimum requirements, may qualify to waive the required student health insurance plan, that is, to have a different health insurance plan. Students who believe their plan meets the minimum requirements must contact the Student Insurance Office and request an international student health waiver, by emailing

  • Waivers must be requested before the first week of classes.
  • There must be a U.S. phone number for the insurance policy to be verified.

Falcon Health Center is an on-campus clinic available to BGSU students. To learn more about the BGSU sponsored health insurance plan and insurance requirement, please click here.

Health Screening

During new student orientation, the International Programs and Partnerships Office will assign you a date and time to complete your mandatory health screenings at the Falcon Health Center.

Questions about Health Insurance?

Please contact Student Insurance Office:
Falcon Health Center, Suite 202
Bowling Green, Ohio 43402
Phone: 419-372-7495