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Communicating with UWP During COVID-19

The University Writing Program is committed to supporting our students and faculty as much as we can at all times, especially when the times are as unfamiliar and uncertain as they are now. If you need guidance or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Although we will not be on campus for in-person support, we will be regularly checking our email to respond to your questions. You may also email any of us to request a phone call or WebEx meeting. Our email addresses are below:

Kelly Jennings (Senior Secretary):

Dr. Neil Baird (Director):

Dr. Kitty Burroughs (Associate Director):

Emma Guthrie (Assistant Director):

Welcome to the University Writing Program (UWP), Bowling Green State University's first-year writing program. UWP was formerly called General Studies Writing (GSW) until the end of Spring 2019.

UWP courses work in combination to provide students sustained, guided practice writing for a variety of academic audiences and purposes.

Our program consists of three dynamic courses on writing: WRIT 1010: Academic Writing Workshop, WRIT 1110: Seminar in Academic Writing, and WRIT 1120: Seminar in Research Writing.

Do you have questions about the University Writing Program? Do you want to learn more about who we are and how we approach writing instruction? Please feel encouraged to contact us, or stop by 215 East Hall if you would like to learn more about our program.

Dr. Neil Baird, Director

WRIT 1010 Course at BGSU

Kelly Jennings Wins Outstanding Service Award


Kelly Jennings, senior secretary of the University Writing Program, won the 2019 Classified Staff Outstanding Service Award on May 15. We are excited about Kelly's well-deserved recognition of her hard work in and commitment to the University Writing Program. Congratulations, Kelly!

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News and Stories

First Ever Fully-Online Writing Showcase

The UWP remains committed to supporting co-curricular activities for student engagement and professional development. Following the move to online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, the UWP is hosting the Writing Showcase online.
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Joy Robinson Visits UWP

Dr. Joy Robinson visited our campus on Monday, October 14, to deliver a workshop and a presentation. In the workshop, "Making Your Digital Pedagogy Plan," Robinson discussed the habits of mind in relation to usability and UX (user experience). Then attendees considered what habits of mind they would most want to focus on in their courses and brainstormed how to include those habits in pedagogy plans in the digital age. The process was structured by a UX framework of Discover (a problem), Decide (a method), Make (a testable solution), and Validate (by testing the solution). Below are images of the work participants created on large sheets of notepad paper. Read more about Joy Robinson's visit