Arriving at Bowling Green

Free BGSU Airport Shuttle

There will be a free BGSU shuttle available to all incoming students for airport pick-up. Shuttle registration can be completed as soon as you have received your visa and have booked your flight to the U.S. by completing this form.Shuttle pick-up times will vary based on requests. You will receive an email closer to your arrival date with the pick-up schedule.

The nearest airports to Bowling Green are Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) and Toledo Express Airport (TOL). There will be one free BGSU shuttle pick-up each day (Wednesday, January 6th and Thursday, January 7th) from the Detroit (DTW) airport only.

For other pick up arrangements see below:

  • If you choose NOT to take the free BGSU shuttle, you will need to make your own arrangements using other car services such as the BG Airport Shuttle, Uber, Lift, etc. These options are not free.
  • The BG Airport Shuttle car service can pick up from Toledo Express Airport or Detroit Metro Airport for a fee. They must be contacted at least one week before your arrival to ensure proper preparation for your arrival. For more details about their services and fees, please email them at

Temporary Accommodation Options

Please note that if you are living off-campus and will be looking for temporary accommodations, we encourage you to ask the hotels in the area, like Falcon Plaza, if they offer discounted rates to international students. For a list of different hotels in the Bowling Green area please click here.

Toledo Express Airport (TOL) vs. Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW)

Please note that flights from TOL are typically more costly than DTW.

Estimated transportation fees from the airport (if you choose not to use the FREE airport shuttle)
*$125.00 Transportation Fee from Detroit Metropolitan Airport
*$60.00 Transportation Fee from Toledo Airport.
*Fee subject to change

What to Bring

Plan your wardrobe carefully as the weather in Bowling Green, Ohio varies greatly. Since you are arriving in the fall semester (August), you are likely to find warm and cool weather with low temperatures averaging 63⁰ Fahrenheit (17.3⁰ C). Keep in mind that the wind chills can make it feel much colder during the winter season.

Here are some things to consider when packing for your trip to BGSU:

  1. Bring everything from loose fitting, light clothing, to heavy winter coats and boots.
  2. When purchasing your winter coat, look for insulation products such as Thinsulate to provide extra warmth.
  3. Clothing can be purchased in town at various retailers in Bowling Green, but a larger selection may be found at The Shops At Fallen Timbers, which is about 18 miles north of Bowling Green, or Westfield Shopping Mall in Toledo, which is about 25 miles north of campus.
  4. You will have considerable expenses when you first arrive: tuition, fees, health insurance, telephone and household items. We recommend that you bring at least $2,000 USD extra to cover your initial expenses.
  5. Students living off-campus will also have rent, deposits (1-3 months deposit may be required for some rentals), electricity and other potential costs. We recommend that you bring at least $2,500 USD extra to cover your initial expenses.
    *Graduate Assistants, please note you will receive your first stipend on February 19, 2021.
  6. If you have dependents, plan for additional expenses: approximately $5,000 per semester for health insurance, food, clothing, school supplies, telephone, etc. for each dependent.