Guest and Exchange International Students Orientation

For DS-2019 purposes, students will need to prove that they have $7,750 in their accounts each semester and $15,500 for the academic year; however, this does not include personal expenses if students plan to travel or participate in activities. 

Be prepared to pay for the following fees (subject to change):

  • BG1 Student Identity Card: $25
  • International Orientation Fee: $100
  • International Student Services Fee: $50
  • Upper division business course fees: $12.50 per credit for any 3000-4999 course level taken within the College of Business and the College of Technology
  • Student Health Insurance (see Health Insurance Section)
  • On-Campus Room and Board: Consider joining the Global Village Learning Community! Reside and learn with both American and other international students in a supportive and diverse setting, with the opportunity to engage in special activities.
  • Textbooks and other supplies

Fee Waivers for Exchange Students include the General Fee, Instructional Fee Undergraduate Main, Non-Resident Fee Undergraduate Main, Special Student Facility Fee, Registration Fee, Technology Fee, Career Center Fee and Counseling Center Fee.

As an International Exchange student, most of your tuition fees at BGSU will be waived. You may opt out of certain fees such as the Media Fee, Green Fee and Legal Fee. You are responsible for payment if you do not opt out.

Your Next Steps to Prepare for Arrival to BGSU!

1. Register Now for Orientation

Once you have paid your I-901 SEVIS Fee, take a moment to reserve your post for International Student Orientation! Registrations in November.  

Register for Graduate and Exchange Student Orientation

2. Sign-up for the Airport Shuttle Services

Shuttles will be provided Tuesday, Jan. 2 and Wednesday, Jan. 3 2024. Registration for the free airport shuttle services will open in early Nov. The deadline to register for this FREE airport shuttle service is 5 p.m. (EST) Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2023.

Register for Graduate and Exchange International Student Airport Shuttle

3. Complete your Falcon Health Documents

As a new international student, you are required to enroll in student health insurance and complete an initial health screening. Complete the student health insurance forms. Please complete these forms prior to your arrival to the BGSU campus. These forms are now and the deadline to complete these forms is Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2024.

Falcon Health Documents

4. Complete ESOL Placement Requirements:

Undergraduate guests and exchange students are NOT requited to take ESOL placement, but it is recommended if you are interested in taking ESOL courses to improve your academic English skills. You can read course descriptions on the ESOL website. If you are interested in an ESOL classes, you have two options :

Option 1: Register for ESOL 1000 and/ or ESOL 1030 now.
Tifanie ( will be able to enroll you in one or both of these classes. If these classes are not offered, the ESOL Program will recommend a different class for you.        

Option 2: Take the ESOL Placement tests before registering for classes
These tests will tell you which ESOL classes will be best for you, based on yout level of English proficiency. There are two placements:     

  1. University Writing Program's Placement 
  2. ESOL Speaking/Listening placement. Email to request an invitation to the placement test Canvas site. Full instuctions are available in Canvas

Note: you must create your BGSU email account in order to complete these placement tests. Learn more about the ESOL Program, and contact our office with any questions at

5. Complete the Immigration Basics online course

Prior to your arrival to campus, you will need to complete the "Immigration Basics" online course. This course will take you about one hour to complete. The deadline to complete the course is Friday, Jan. 5th, 2024.

6. Submit Your Immigration Documents Electronically

Upon arrival to campus, you will need to upload copies of your signed I-20, visa, passport and I-94.  Failure to complete this form by Friday, Jan. 5, 2024, may result in a delay of your SEVIS registration.

Immigration Document Submission

7. Update your local address and phone number on your BGSU Student Portal.

Please follow these steps:

·    Login to MyBGSU

·    Click on Student Center

·    Click your Profile

·    Click on "Addresses"

·    Update or Create an Address

Things to Remember

International Orientation Jan. 2 & 3, 2024

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