Center for Regional Development

The Center for Regional Development (CRD) is an interdisciplinary research platform with expertise in regional economics and community development. We are conjunction with Bowling Green State University located on campus in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Outside our community, we work with other research centers in our region and around the globe to explore and share information and research opportunities. With research partners around the world, we work hard to provide state-of-the-art ideas and move them from our campus to your community. It is our mission to design and implement innovative and pragmatic solutions to a wide variety of regional challenges relating to industry, the community, or the economy.

As an Economic Development Administration (EDA) University Center, CRD provides applied research, data, and technical assistance to the business community to facilitate the growth and retention of jobs in the region. CRD strives to play an active role in the community. CRD was recently selected to serve as the Administrator for Northwest Ohio Regional Economic Development (NORED).

2018 State of the Region