Frequently Asked Questions

  • All domestic undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled for 8 credit hours or more on the main BGSU campus.
  • All international students who are registered for one credit hour or more, including students registered for co-ops, internships and dissertations.

Contact the Student Insurance Office at 419-372-7495, visit our office at Suite 202, Falcon Health Center Building, or email us at

Yes, Falcon Health Center provides primary and preventive care to students, faculty and staff at BGSU as well as the Wood County community. They provide services to all BGSU students regardless of their health insurance status or ability to pay. To learn more about Falcon Health Center visit their website here or call them at (419) 372-2271.

It's common to believe people of college age do not get sick.  The reality is, they can, and when it does happen it can be quite costly. College students need health insurance to protect them physically and financially from the consequences of an unanticipated serious illness.

Anyone registered for 5, 6 or 7 credit hours during open enrollment time-frames can voluntarily purchase the student insurance program.  Please contact the Student Insurance Office for more information.

For Graduate Students:  

Because you are not registered for classes, the health insurance requirement will not apply. Once you are registered for 8 or more credit hours, you will see that the health insurance requirement is on your MyBGSU To Do List at this point you will be able to complete the waiver or enrollment process.     Rest assured the deadline will be extended for all students' that register later than the established insurance deadline.  There will be no fees on student  accounts for the health insurance requirement until after your class registration and you will have ample time to complete the waiver or enrollment process.
We will meet with you at your SOAR (or GSO)  Orientation,  We are available during  your orientation in the morning from 7:00 am until 8:15 and our office is open that afternoon if you have any questions.  

For International Students:  

A representative from the Student insurance Office will meet with all newly arriving International students on one of their first days at BGSU.  We explain the health insurance enrollment and the health insurance policy and also provide them with a temporary health insurance card.  There is no penalty or additional charge for completing the enrollment after the deadline.

Yes.  Please visit the Student Insurance Office at Suite 202, Falcon Health Center Building to complete a Dependent Enrollment Form.

In certain situations, Graduate Students taking less than 5 credit hours may be eligible to enroll into the Student Health Insurance Plan. Please contact our office for specific requirements.