Course-based Tutoring

If you have any difficulty accessing the tutoring, please contact The Learning Commons at

Fall 2021 In-Person Drop-In Schedule

The following schedule lists courses with available in-person drop-in sessions.
Please visit the Learning Commons front desk to check-in for tutoring.

Schedule will be updated throughout the semester.

There will be NO PSYC drop-in Tuesday, December 7th. 

ACCT  1-2pm and 2-3:30pm   
ART 1020     10-11am
ARTC  6-7pm    
ASL 3-5pm     
BIOL 3310    9-11:30am 
BIOL 3310 and 3320 5-7pm   3-5pm  
BIOL 3500  6-7pm 1-3pm  
BIOL  6:30-7:30pm3:30-4:30pm11am-12pm12-1pm
CDIS 2240  11:30am-12:30pm 11:30am-12:30pm 
CHEM 3-4pm and 7-8pm 4:30-5:30pm4:30-5:30pm 
CS    2:30-3:30pm and 6:30-8pm 
ECON    5-6:30pm2:30-4pm
EDIS 3000 BLOCK 6-7pm  6-7pm 
EDIS 4000 BLOCK   6-7pm  
EIEC   1-2pm   
EXSC  4-4:50pm   
FIN    6-7pm 1-2pm  
GEOL     11am-1pm
JAPN  4-5pm   
PHYS 3-4pm  4:30-5:30pm   
POLS     1-3pm
PSYC 4:30-5:30pm4:30-5:30pm   
SPAN  10-11am, 2-3pm 1-2pm3-4pm

Fall 2021 In-Person Study Groups

The following list contains courses with available Study Groups. 
Please email The Learning Commons for information and to join a group.

Please visit the Learning Commons front desk to check-in for tutoring. 

Schedule will be updated throughout the semester. 

Current Study Groups
ACCT-2210     Tuesdays     6-7pm
ACCT-2210     Wednesdays     7-8pm
ASTR-2010     Wednesdays     6-7pm
BIOL-1040     Mondays     2:30-3:30pm
BIOL-1080     Wednesdays     4:30-5:30pm 
BIOL-4080     Mondays     2-3pm
CHEM-1280     Tuesdays     1:15-2:15pm
CHEM-3060     Tuesdays     10-11am
CHEM-3410     Fridays     1-2pm  
ECET-2400     Fridays     12:30-1:30pm
ECON-2020     Thursdays     2:30-3:30pm
ECON-2030     Tuesdays     4-5pm
ETHN-1010     Wednesdays     10-11am
EXSC-2300     Thursdays     4-5pm
FN-2070     Mondays     2-3pm 
GERM-2010     Mondays     2-3pm
IS-2000     Tuesdays     12-1pm     or      Wednesdays 1:30-2:30pm
MGMT-3000     Thursdays     4-5pm 
PEHE-3000     Tuesdays     11am-12pm
PHYS-2010     Wednesdays     10-11am
PHYS-2010     Thursdays     11:30am-12:30pm
PSYC-1010     Tuesdays     12-1pm
PSYC-1010     Tuesdays     2:15-2:45pm 
PUBH-3200     Wednesdays     12:30-1:30pm
THFM-1610     Thursdays     3-4pm
SOC-2680    Tuesdays     5-6pm

Request to form a Study Group

For a course for which tutoring is not currently available, please complete the Group Request Form if you would like to request the formation of a study group,

If you have any questions or concerns, please email