Graduate - Calculate your cost of attendance

This calculator is designed to help you project and plan for your educational expense for the 2024-2025 academic year. Please note that this calculator only accounts for tuition, room, meal, and mandatory fees for students; your final cost could be higher or lower depending on your enrollment status and other fees specific to your academic program.  General and College fees are based on degree program not the specific courses you enroll in.  

To calculate the cost of undergraduate studies, use the undergraduate cost of attendance calculator

Calculate Your Estimated Cost of Attendance by Semester
Fee Options Selections Semester Charge
Registration Fee: $8.00
Instructional Fee: $0.00
International Student Service Fee: $0.00
Technology Fee: $0.00
Career Service Fee: $0.00
Facility Fee: $0.00
Academic Level: Graduate Student
Counseling Center Fee:   $0.00
Graduate Services Fee:   $0.00
International Orientation Fee:

(Determined based on New or Returning Student answer from above)


(Learning Community, Course Fees, etc.)

$ .00
Total You must choose a campus, enter credit hours and select a residency status first.

***Make sure you are entering your semester award. Most award notifications are for the academic year.  Visit your MyBGSU to review your award by semester. Be sure NOT to include Federal Work Study. The Federal Direct PLUS Loans are credit based loans. Only include Plus Loan funds if a pre-application has been submitted and approved.*** ***

Financial Aid $ .00
Remaining Balance You must choose a campus, enter credit hours, select a residency status, select a college, and indicate your academic level first.

Students may enroll in the Installment Payment Plan (IPP) each semester by logging into MyBGSU > Student Center > My Account > Make A Payment > Enroll in your Installment Payment Plan.

More information

1st Installment $0.00
2nd Installment $0.00
3rd Installment $0.00
4th Installment $0.00
1st Installment $0.00
2nd Installment $0.00
3rd Installment $0.00
4th Installment $0.00
5th Installment $0.00
6th Installment $0.00
7th Installment $0.00
8th Installment $0.00
9th Installment $0.00
10th Installment $0.00

*Fees are subject to change at any time with Board of Trustees' approval.
*Laboratory, course, and class fees not included.

Updated: 06/27/2024 11:37AM