TRIO Programs

TRIO Programs provide academic coaching and tutoring, financial aid guidance, mentoring and other support to foster educational access and retention. TRIO helps students overcome social and cultural barriers to higher education.

The TRIO Programs Office at Bowling Green State University comprises several educational outreach and academic enrichment programs designed to motivate and assist students to enter and succeed in higher education. Our target populations are students who are first-generation students who come from families with limited income. Participants are selected according to their potential for academic success.

TRIO programs assert our nation's commitment to providing educational opportunities for all Americans regardless of race, ethnic background or economic circumstances. Congress established the programs to help Americans enter college and graduate. The programs ultimately produce skilled and educated adults, who can meet the needs of a growing economy.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide unique and personalized academic support services in an environment that inspires engaged learning. We want to encourage learning that is specific to your individual needs, as well as learning that is engaging for you.

How do we accomplish our mission? By working with you and for you — always operating with our core values at the forefront of all that we do:

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Creativity
  • Building community
  • Active learning
  • Mutual responsibility

TRIO Programs are made possible through grant funds from the U.S. Department of Education.

Updated: 05/17/2022 09:55AM