International Exchange Students

Sufficient Financial Means

For DS-2019 purposes, students will need to prove that they have $6,500 in their accounts each semester; however, this does not include personal expenses if students plan to travel or participate in activities. For a generous estimation, we suggest $7,500 per semester including personal expenses.

Be prepared to pay for the following fees (subject to change):

  • BG1 Student Identity Card: $25
  • International Orientation Fee: $100
  • International Student Services Fee: $50
  • Upper division business course fees: $12.50 per credit for any 3000-4999 course level taken within the College of Business and the College of Technology
  • Student Health Insurance (see Health Insurance Section)
    • International students are required to enroll in Plan B ($500 Deductible)
    • Annual fee of $2,180 (Fall Semester $852, Spring Semester $1,295)
  • On-Campus Room & Board: Consider joining the Global Village Learning Community! Reside and learn with both American and other international students in a supportive and diverse setting, with the opportunity to engage in special activities.
  • Textbooks and other supplies

Fee Waivers for Exchange Students: General Fee, Instructional Fee Ugrd Main, Non Resident Fee Ugrd Main, Special Student Facility Fee, Registration Fee, Technology Fee, Career Center Fee, and Counseling Center Fee.

As an International Exchange student, most of your tuition fees at BGSU will be waived. You can opt out of certain fees such as the Media Fee, Green Fee and Legal Fee. You are responsible for payment if you do not opt out.

Things to Remember

  • Submit your arrival date in time to attend the mandatory international student orientation. More information regarding our orientation program can be found here.
  • Registration: You should have filled out a Course Selection Form as a part of your exchange student application. We will work with the appropriate department to get you registered into your preferred courses. If you still need to complete this form, search for available classes here. You do not attend SOAR, which is for degree seeking students. ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes are available.
  • Connect! Before you arrive, get in touch with other prospective and current students by checking out this Facebook page.