Establish a Scholarship

From the start, Bowling Green State University has changed lives for students from all walks of life. BGSU is committed to maintaining a heritage of excellence, access and affordability. However, in the face of changing student demographics, declining family incomes, and strained state budgets, to meet a clearly escalating need — both in the number of students served and the amount of support needed — private philanthropy through scholarships is paramount. There are several types of scholarships to consider:

Bridge to BGSU Scholarships:

Students often must make their final university choice based on cost — often a $1,000- $3,000 scholarship award package is the deciding factor. At $23,848 a year, BGSU has the lowest cost of attendance for any residential public school in Ohio. However, the vast majority of BGSU students file the federal financial aid form (FAFSA) to seek financial assistance to attend college and the average need for a student is $17,455 per year. Scholarships help to bridge the gap between cost of attendance and families’ resources. Bridge to BGSU gap scholarships enable the University to close the gap between a standard award package and offers made from other schools, thus removing this financial obstacle for students. 

Merit Scholarships:

These awards, such as Alumni Laureate Scholarships and the Trustee Scholarship, allow BGSU to compete for exceptionally talented and motivated students. As more universities compete for fewer students, these scholarships provide a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace. Athletic Scholarships: Athletic scholarships reward outstanding student-athletes for their hard work, and allow the University to increase the competitiveness of its sports teams. Private support for athletic scholarships will make a lasting impact on student-athletes by providing the financial resources necessary to build champions for life. Graduate Fellowships: Competitive financial packages are necessary to attract outstanding graduate students who generate knowledge, attract top faculty, and play a critical role as teachers and mentors to undergraduate students.

Create a new scholarship:

You may wish to establish a new scholarship to support students in a specific academic area, in honor of a loved one or other special individual, to assist students from a certain geographic area, or to advance any need or talent for which you feel passionate.

You may provide scholarship support at BGSU through an endowed scholarship, non-endowed scholarship, or a blended gift. 

Endowed Scholarships – A Gift for All Time

When you establish an endowed scholarship fund your gift is invested permanently. The annual income from that investment is awarded as one or more scholarships. You may make any student eligible for this support, or you may designate certain qualifying criteria – such as students from a particular geographic area or those pursuing a specific major. And, because your endowment will become a permanent legacy, you and others may add to it at any time in the future. During the first year, investment returns are realized and, after that year, annual scholarship support is awarded based on a 3.5% spending rate.

Non-endowed Scholarships – Meeting Urgent Needs

Alternatively, you may elect to provide scholarship support that is not permanently invested, but is awarded immediately. For example, you may choose to provide $50,000 for student scholarships with an annual award of $10,000 for five consecutive years. There are deserving students out there today who want to attend BGSU. We welcome them. Their need is urgent. Your non-endowed scholarship support is essential to their success.

Blended Scholarships – Investing for Today and Tomorrow

You may want to make an immediate impact on student support, while also providing permanent scholarship support. In this case, you may wish to provide a “current-use” gift, while your endowment is also building. For example, while paying a five year pledge for an endowed scholarship fund, you may also contribute an additional annual amount for non-endowed support to immediately begin providing student scholarship support. 

Please contact the BGSU University Advancement at 888-839-2586 for more information about any of these philanthropic options.

Updated: 10/12/2020 10:52AM