Black Alumni Council

2022 marks the 100th Homecoming Celebration at BGSU!

Planning is underway for exciting events and activities for this University milestone. Would you like to help by serving on a Black Alumni Council committee? All committees work on our reunion plans and involve the following:

  • One-year commitment
  • Participate in all scheduled (virtual) committee meetings which take place from February to November
  • Attend and participate in Homecoming events, schedule permitting
  • Work - at a minimum - one event during Homecoming
  • Serve as a University ambassador and advocate by communicating and supporting the BGSU mission and purpose as well as the mission and purpose of Black Alumni Council

“I’ve really enjoyed working with the other alumni to plan a fun homecoming weekend. More importantly, I’ve enjoyed the alumni that I’ve met over the years.”  -Blanche Hubbard ’89

Yes I would like to Volunteer!

Applications due Friday, January 14

For more information about committees and volunteer guidelines, click on the titles below or contact Kim Jacobs at or call 888-839-2586.

Approval of all members of the Black Alumni Council Executive Board as well as members to hold a committee position will be based on demonstrated involvement, support and their strong commitment to Bowling Green State University. In accepting this commitment, the member agrees to fulfill the requirements and meet the responsibilities associated with the Black Alumni Council Executive Board or Committee Member.

 These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Serve designated term of an executive board member (three years) or the committee member (one year). 
  • Attend and participate in all scheduled Executive Board and/or committee calls, that are scheduled from February through November of the calendar year for Homecoming planning. Respond to committee chair and BGSU Alumni Office staff member if unable to attend a meeting. NOTE: daytime and evening meetings will be scheduled to accommodate schedules.
  • Serve - at a minimum - on one Homecoming Committee.
  • Attend and participate in Homecoming events, schedule permitting.
  • Work - at a minimum - one event during Homecoming.
  • Serve as University ambassador and advocate by communicating and supporting the BGSU mission and purpose as well as the mission and purpose of Black Alumni Council.
  • Encouraged to contribute financially to the University and inspire other alumni to be donors. Executive Board members are encouraged to make a gift of any size to the BGSU scholarship or program of their choice.
  • Representing the University and Black Alumni Council at Homecoming and other events.
  • Executive Board and committee members help to protect the reputation of BGSU and will lead by example.

Black Alumni Council (BAC) will have active committees that serve to support the planning of BAC Homecoming reunion activities. Each committee will have a chairperson as well as a liaison from the Executive Board. Committees require a minimum of three members (members serve a one-year term). Committee members may serve on more than one committee and will be expected to meet all requirements of a committee member for all committee(s) on which they serve. 

The BAC Executive Board will consist of seven members. Executive board member terms will be three years in length and will be replaced on a rolling basis to preserve continuity of the Executive Board leadership. The Executive Board will be the final decision-making body for the BAC based on recommendations from each of the committees. The executive board will also call meetings of the Black Alumni Council, which consists of all committee members and Executive Board members, as needed to gather and share information. Black Alumni Council membership is not to exceed 30 persons.


Circle of Friends

The purpose of the Black Alumni Council (BAC) “Circle of Friends” (COF) committee is to focus on increasing awareness of scholarship opportunities for students of color at Bowling Green State University and implementing fundraising efforts to support those scholarships. The Circle of Friends’ concept builds upon relationships between friends where challenges and matches are encouraged to increase donations to specific funds with the goal of growing the amounts available in each scholarship fund. COF works to communicate with students and alumni to inform them of the available scholarships and how to apply for them.

Events Committee

The purpose of the Black Alumni Council (BAC) Events Committee is focused on selecting Homecoming event venues, determining the agenda for those events and seeking out and suggesting entertainment such as a DJ, band or choir. The committee also chooses the menu for all events as required. The University’s Alumni Office representative works with the committee to book suitable venues, entertainment and menus for the events that are planned for Homecoming.

Marketing Committee

The purpose of the Black Alumni Council (BAC) Marketing Committee is to promote and advertise activities and events developed by the BAC in collaboration with the University’s Alumni Office representative.

Obsidian Award Committee

 The purpose of the Black Alumni Council (BAC) Obsidian Award Committee is to solicit nominees for the Obsidian Award, as well as select and present the award annually to the winner. 

The OBSIDIAN AWARD, is the highest recognition given annually during Homecoming by the Black Alumni Council, to a deserving black alumnus of Bowling Green State University. By definition, “OBSIDIAN” is a strong, black, volcanic glass which comes in assorted varieties. As black alumni of BGSU, like the Obsidian, the council representatives say that “we are diverse, strong and have risen above life’s challenges. We stand out in the crowd.”   

First presented in 2012, this award honors one alumni who represents the “best and the brightest” in their community, professionally, and serves as a stellar example of the BGSU ‘brand’. Nominees are scored in categories of service and leadership; professional contributions and their BGSU connection. 


Committee Responsibilities
  1. Appoint a committee Chairperson and/or Co-Chairperson
  2. Carry out responsibilities of committee and report to Executive Board
  3. Work within the budget guidelines established and approved by the BGSU Office of Alumni
  4. Participate actively in at least 3/4 of scheduled meetings with the Committee, and contribute in brainstorming discussions
  5. Recruit and consult with other committee members and committees as necessary to assist with special projects and/or problem-solving
  6. Act as an ambassador and advocate for the organization and support fundraising and recruitment endeavors
  7. Be a positive role model for the BGSU and BAC
Committee Chairperson Responsibilities
  1. Schedule and provide notification of committee meetings to committee members. Committee will consist of a minimum of three members.
  2. Facilitate committee meetings
  3. Prepare and distribute committee meeting minutes and present meeting update during the Executive Board Meeting
  4. Assures interaction and collaboration as needed with other BAC committees and the BGSU Alumni Office
  5. Delegate special duties pertinent to the committee

Homecoming 2021 with Black Alumni Council

Black Alumni Council members celebrated Homecoming 2021 and reconnected with friends and classmates during activities and events over the weekend.

Photo galleries and a video link below share some of the fun and excitement throughout Homecoming weekend activities!

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