Tuition, Fees & Living Costs

International students are admitted to BGSU upon evidence that they will have sufficient financial means to support themselves through their course of study. Students should not expect to receive any financial assistance from the university after arrival.

  • Your bill will be available to you electronically via MyBGSU. Please check your BGSU email account regularly and pay your bills on time. Failure to pay a Bursar bill by the due date could prevent you from being able to move into housing and/or incur late fees.
  • You may receive a bill from the Office of the Bursar for expenses incurred prior to your arrival to campus. (for example: on-campus housing deposit and fees)

Monitor your BGSU email as this is where you will be notified when bills are available and due. Undergraduate and Graduate students must sign a Financial Responsibility Agreement through MyBGSU regardless of how their fees are being paid. Some countries limit the amount of money that can be transferred abroad. Please inquire about these regulations before arriving. Take into account that you will have initial expenses when you first arrive including tuition, fees, health insurance, telephone and household items. Students living off-campus will also have rent, deposits (1-3 months deposit), electricity and other potential costs. We recommend that you bring at least $2,500 USD extra to cover your initial expenses.

Making an International Payment?

The Office of the Bursar utilizes Flywire, a service providing a streamlined way to make international payments. Please note that you should only transfer the funds necessary to pay your BGSU bill. BGSU will not be able to refund excess funds. More information on bill pay options.

Estimated Summary of Student Fees* in US Dollars per year
*All fees are subject to change with the Board of Trustees’ approval
**Please note that an academic year is different from a calendar

  International Tuition & Fees Insurance & Books
Rooms & Meals Total Per Academic Year (Fall and Spring)*
(12 credits)
$21,000 $3,500
$11,000 $35,500
(9 credits)
$19,000 $3,500
$11,000 $33,500
(12 credits)
$21,000 $3,500 $11,000 $35,500
(1-Year Programs)
$30,200 $3,500 $11,000 $44,700

*Graduate 1-Year Programs are for 12 months.

The following fees are potential fees that may apply to international students: BG1Card, Counseling Center, Graduate Services, Green Fee, International Student Orientation, International Student Services, Matriculation, Special Student Facility, Student Health Insurance, and Technology.

All tuition and fees are approved by the University’s Board of Trustees and are subject to change. Contact the Office of the Bursar for more detailed information.

Updated: 04/17/2023 12:08PM