Campus Sustainability

Coordinating BGSU’s efforts to be a more sustainable institution

Tree Planting Service Project

One of the main goals for the Office of Campus Sustainability is to encourage students to become more sustainable in their daily lives. The Green Falcon Pledge will only take a few minutes to complete, but it can introduce you to small changes you can implement in your daily routine that will make your time here at BGSU more sustainable.

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The Office of Campus Sustainability operates within Campus Operations to fulfill three overarching goals established through BGSU's "Climate Action Plan" and "Strategic Plan" to achieve institutional carbon-neutrality by the year 2040:


Fund Your Sustainability Idea!

Do you have an idea that can help make BGSU more environmentally-friendly? Learn how you can receive funding to make your green dream come true!

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BGSU's Recycling Program

BGSU offers single-stream recycling throughout all of campus. This means all recyclables go into the recycling bin and non-recyclables go into the landfill bin. Recyclables include office paper and newspaper, plastics #1-7, cardboard, aluminum and steel cans, and glass bottles! Cardboard goes in orange dumpsters behind nearly every building. Follow the guidelines provided on the signage to help ensure items are placed into the correct bin.

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BGSU Climate Action Plan

BGSU has completed the Climate Action Plan, which drives sustainability at the University. The CAP has outlined the current status of sustainability as well as areas for planned improvement. The University has set the goal of being Carbon Neutral by the year 2040!

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Updated: 09/13/2023 11:24AM