Campus Sustainability

Coordinating BGSU's efforts to be a more sustainable institution

The Office of Campus Sustainability operates within Campus Operations to fulfill three overarching goals established through BGSU's "Climate Action Plan" and "Strategic Plan" to achieve institutional carbon-neutrality by the year 2040.


Three Sustainability Goals

Take the Green Falcon Pledge

Fall Campus Drone 2023

One of the main goals for the Office of Campus Sustainability is to encourage students to become more sustainable in their daily lives. The Green Falcon Pledge will only take a few minutes to complete, but it can introduce you to small changes you can implement in your daily routine that will make your time here at BGSU more sustainable.

Take the Green Falcon Pledge

Progressing Forward

13 LEED Certified Buildings

Following BGSU's Climate Action Plan, all new construction & major renovations pursued by BGSU will strive for LEED Silver certification.

Learn about LEED


7 EV Charging Stations

The stations were paid for through a grant from Clean Fuels Ohio and the U.S. Department of Energy, with BGSU's Student Green Initiatives Fund matching the grant to provide enough funding for the stations.

View Campus EV Stations


17 Green Certified Offices

The Green Office Certification program encourages departments and offices to engage in environmentally sustainable actions within their office.

Green Office Certification


79 Approved Green Fund Proposals

To date, close to $2 million of sustainability projects have been funded on campus, with an impact of reducing waste, reducing emissions or sustainable education.

Student Green Initiatives Fund


Sustainable Initiatives

BGSU Climate Action Plan

BGSU has completed the Climate Action Plan, which drives sustainability at the University. The CAP has outlined the current status of sustainability as well as areas for planned improvement. The University has set the goal of being carbon neutral by the year 2040!

Read the Plan

Fund Your Sustainability Idea!

Do you have an idea that can help make BGSU more environmentally-friendly? Learn how you can receive funding to make your green dream come true!

Student Initiatives Fund

BGSU's Recycling Program

BGSU offers single-stream recycling throughout campus, meaning all recyclables go into the recycling bin and non-recyclables go into the landfill bin. Recyclables include office paper and newspaper, plastics bottles, cardboard, aluminum and steel cans, and glass bottles! Follow the guidelines provided on the signage to help ensure items are placed into the correct bin.

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Get Involved!

Join the Office of Campus Sustainability for sustainable service projects and volunteering opportunities. Fun events include Friday Night Lights, Green Game Day, and the Campus ReStore, along with others! Stay up to date on BGSUServes to ensure you don't miss an opportunity to be more sustainable.

Volunteer with Us

List of Green Falcons

Andrean Leigh Traut, Andrew Leonard, Angela Shank, Anna Loar, Annette Oberhaus, Ariel Kasler, Ashley Kelly, Ashley Nicole Hartman, Ashley Robb, Autumn Jade Ruza, Ava Seville, Barbara Henry, Ben Batey, Betsy Johnson, Bill Huepenbecker, Bo Bradley, Bob Gangwer, Bob Midden, Bryan Haas, Bryna Walker, Caleb Isler, Calista Robinson, Carlton Barker, Carly Hitchcock, Caroline Brooks, Carrie Hamady, Catherine Gray, Chase Fleece, Chet Hesson, Chloe J. Fry, Christoph Johnson, Christopher M. Rump, Christopher Sean O'Dell, Christopher W. Chandler, Cindy Ducar, Clare Barratt, Clayton Genson, Cole Aten, Colleen Yarger, Craig L. Zirbel, Cynthia Anne Spitler, Dana Prenger, Danielle Jacobs, Danijela Tomic, Darcy Miesmer, David Okhimamhe, David Tobar, Dawn Shinew, Dawn Vollmar, Deborah A. Novak, Deborah Slosberg, Dennis M. Meyer, Diane L. Gladieux, Dr. Ellen Gorsevski, Dr. Gabriel Matney, Dr. Jennifer Wolter, Dryw Dworsky, Dustin Sabo, Dylan Bunn, Dylan M. Van Horn, Dylan Robert Sloan, Elainie Lillios, Eli Kofi Avickson, Elyse Adrian, Emily Gerome, Emily Sommers, Erin Heilmeier, Eva Lytmer, Evelyn Smits, Geizi Amon, Grace Smith, Grace Smith, Grace Waterstradt, Hans Wildschutte, Heidi Gasser, Hilda Miranda, Isaac Finkbeiner, Isabella Rose Mclaughlin, Isela Reyes, Jada Riley, Jaiden McQuillin, Jamie Schimmoeller, Jared Rose, Jaylen James Donald, Jean Wongrowski, Jenn Stucker, Jennifer Blessing, Jennifer Fong, Jennifer Lewis, Jennifer Sayre, Jessica Breyley, Jessica Kiss, Jillian Darst, Jim Elsasser, Joel Wilson, John Douglas Hall, John Humphrey, John Swingle, Jonathan Kershaw, Jordyn Lamirand, Josiah Ellinger, Julia Collins, Kass Fynch, Kathleen McBride, Katie Ware, Kayden Kelly, Kaymarie Straley, Kelly Avery, Kelly Mangan, Kelton Huffman, Kim Morgan, Kim Waterfield, Kimberlyn Brooks, Kristen Funk, Kristen Rudisill, Kyla Oswalt, Laura  J. Moore, Laura Landry Meyer, Lauren Elizabeth Sebring, Lea Anne Kessler, Lena Pitzer, Leslie Lipper, Lexie Simon, Lindsey Jenkins, Logan Saum, Lona Leck, Lorreine Delille, Luke Johnson, Madalynn Olivia Lundy, Madeline Duntley, Madeline Keller, Madison Demshar, Madison Estep, Malia Murrey, Marcella Spann, Marcus Twyford, Maria Davis, Mary Kay Inkrott Hiser, Mary-Jon Ludy, Matthew Keefe, McKenzie Livecchi, Meggan Hartzog, Meghan Murray, Meghana Shivakumar, Melina Bell, Melissa Partin-Harding, Melissa Webb, Michael Stokes, Michael Zickar, Misha Lamphere, Morgan Lee, Nancy C. Patterson, Nathaniel Knox, Nicholas Fenstermacher, Nicholas Hennessy, Nicolas Golini, Nicole Whitmer, Oluwafunilayo Oyetunji, Paige Blauvelt, Paige Katherine Brockway, Pasquale Tosto, Rebecca L. Skinner Green, Rebekah Shively, Reginald Jackson, Renée Brott, Rob Kozar, Robin Veitch, Rodney Fleming, Ruth White, Samantha Gates, Samantha Reighard, Samantha Reighard, Samantha Wittenberg, Samuel Carl LaMancusa, Sandy Karim, Sara Amar, Sarah M. Stenger, Sean Cook, Sheri Quiroga, Sherri Horner, Suzanne Saunders-O'Herron, Sydney Tabor, Tarika Sutter, Tasha Ford, Taylor Vanek, Tiago Gobetti Gaboardi, Timothy Sandusky, Tionge Matangula, Ugbajah Daniel Chucks, Vipa Phuntumart, Wendy Manning, William C. Hattery Jr., Zach Nemec, Zachary Hayes, Zachary Noesen


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