Students Who Are Parents

Pregnant or Parenting Student at BGSU?

Welcome to BGSU!

BGSU is committed to supporting parenting students populations.  As part of that effort, this website was created to connect parenting students with services available on the BGSU campus, in the surrounding community, and nationwide.

We also want to highlight the experiences of all parenting students – undergraduate, graduate, biological, adoptive/foster, single, partnered, etc.  We understand that all students have unique experiences, and offer this website as a place to share and connect with other parenting students.  BGSU has many inspiring parenting students, and hearing their stories is important to the development of support programs and other initiatives designed to create a more cohesive and supportive community for students with children.

In an effort to better serve parenting students on campus, we invite you to explore the resources available here and offer suggestions to broaden the scope of the site.  

After all…it takes a village to develop successful students and parents!

College Student Personnel Graduate
Jayme Jones (‘13) and daughter Jordan

Architecture student, Jean Marie Greene, with her children (left to right), Isabelle, Stella and Julian

Interested in being featured on our website?  Send us a picture of you and your children in orange and brown!

These lists are not exhaustive and will be continuously updated as new information is available.  Have any suggestions?  Email us and let us know!

Maternal Eating and Infant Feeding Study Information

Are you at least 18 years old, able to read English, and in your 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy?

If so, you are eligible to participate in a Maternal Eating and Infant Feeding Study through BGSU.