We’re OIR
Creating Actionable Analytics to Drive Student Success

We’re OIR
Creating Actionable Analytics to Drive Student Success

Office of Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research (OIR) serves as the official source of institutional data for external reporting.  OIR provides data analytics, intuitive dashboards and information that supports the decision-making process, complies with reporting requirements of external agencies, and responds to ad hoc requests for information. Many of the official statistics about the campus, and the Academic Affairs in particular, are reported by OIR.

The Office of Institutional Research is comprised of four strategic teams:

  • Data Quality and Integrity
  • Data Analytics Reporting
  • State & Federal Reporting
  • Predictive Modeling

Data Quality and Integrity Team

  • Develop data quality audit/firewall procedures to eliminate errors
  • Collaborate and coordinate with departments across the university on data quality and integrity  
  • Run tests of reasonableness and accuracy on PeopleSoft databases
  • Maintain databases and protect data as an institutional asset

Data Analytics Reporting Team

  • Provide actionable analytics, strategic metrics and dashboards to support academic planning and decision making
  • Collaborate with academic- and non-academic units on program level data
  • Design and implement periodic and recurring institutional research reports

State & Federal Reporting Team

  • Respond to intergovernmental agencies, state- and federal-mandated reporting requirements
  • Coordinate the maintenance and submission of several HEI files and reports
  • Ensure compliance with federal, state, and university guidelines

Predictive Modeling Team

  •  Create forecasting models to transform student data to predict future behavior.

Updated: 06/01/2022 03:19PM