Admissions Announcement: We are currently accepting applications for future semesters. Applications received after the start of the semester will be considered for the following term.

FLY Program

Achieving success for students with Learning Disabilities and Attention Challenges

The Falcon Learning Your Way (FLY) Program assists enrolled college students at BGSU with specific learning disabilities (SLD) and/or ADHD by providing individualized support. FLY provides the cognitive and emotional support students may need during college to accommodate learning differences. Students work with their assigned Learning Specialist to develop and implement individualized academic support plans to minimize the chances of their learning disability preventing them from succeeding while at college. Specific Learning Plans include the assessment and evaluation of their individual skills and learning needs while at BGSU.

FLY Features

The FLY Learning Specialists help BGSU students with learning disabilities connect with advisors, faculty, families, and campus resources to support academic success, their way.

  • Full-time Learning Specialist
  • Mandatory family orientation program
  • Personal librarian service
  • Individualized Falcon Learning Plan to include:
    • Regularly scheduled meetings with a Learning Specialist
    • Tutoring plan
    • Midterm monitoring and progress reporting
    • Coordinated services with campus resources
    • Workshops (e.g., time management, study skills, stress management, wellness)
    • Introduction to the Office of Campus Activities


Participation in the FLY Program requires students to apply and be admitted. 

FLY Program applications are considered in the order in which all application requirements are received. Space is limited. We are currently accepting applications for future semesters. Applications received after the start of the semester will be considered for the following term. 

While decisions for admissions are based on individual cases, this program typically welcomes people with diagnoses of conditions such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia or ADHD.

To complete the Bowling Green State University admissions and FLY Program process, students must:

In addition to BGSU’s tuition and fees, the FLY Program cost is $2,500 per semester.

For more information on the current BGSU tuition and fees visit the BGSU Cost Summary.

Meet BGSU’s Learning Specialists

Your Learning Specialist works collaboratively with you to develop goals for success, incorporate academic strategies, and provide guidance and encouragement throughout your university experience. Connect with a Learning Specialist!

Ashley Gallagher


Lisa Maag


Penny Soboleski, Ed.D.


The FLY Learning Specialists help students that learn differently connect with specialist Advisors, Faculty, families, and campus resources to support academic success while at college.

The Learning Commons at BGSU does not provide academic accommodations.

Bowling Green State University students looking for disability-related accommodations should work instead through the BGSU Accessibility Services.

The mission of Accessibility Services at Bowling Green State University is to provide equal access and opportunity to qualified students, faculty, and staff with disabilities, both physical and learning disabilities. The office's goal is to increase awareness of disability issues and support the success of students with disabilities by providing opportunities for full integration into the BGSU college community.

These opportunities may include accommodations taking class notes and exams, choosing housing or completing housing appeals, and finding scholarships.

To apply for accessibility services, students can submit digital forms.

Questions about the FLY Program?

Give us a call at 419-372-UFLY (8359) or email us at