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Falcon Learning Your Way Program (FLY)

BGSU is a leader among public universities for supporting students with learning differences.

The FLY Program provides academic support for students with ADHD, specific learning differences, and/or executive function challenges. The annual cost is $5,000, and the application deadline is May 1. Students accepted into the FLY Program may continue through their full undergraduate experience.

  • Learn self-advocacy and time management 
  • Develop organizational skills and learning strategies 
  • Manage executive functioning challenges 
  • Create meaningful campus relationships with classmates and professors  
  • Connect with on-campus resources and opportunities  
  • Enjoy the ultimate university experience 

Benefits of the FLY Program

FLY students benefit from personal, one-on-one attention while enjoying all the benefits and resources of a larger university. 

  • Weekly 1:1 meetings with your own learning specialist 
  • Individualized learning and tutoring plans 
  • Priority access to tutoring services 
  • Receive encouragement and guidance from a learning specialist
  • Opportunity to get involved in campus activities and clubs 
  • FLY social events throughout the year
  • Early move-in to help with adjustment to college life

Register for a FLY Program information session

Join us for a 30-minute presentation hosted by a learning specialist to learn more about the support services offered by the FLY Program.



Discover how you learn best

The FLY Program gives students the space to grow and develop skills at their own pace. We are very happy to connect FLY students to the Office of Accessibility Services for academic accommodations if desired.

Frequently asked questions about the Falcon Learning Your Way Program

The FLY Program is a focused academic support program housed in the Learning Commons, a learning center in the University Libraries. Students meet weekly with a learning specialist. The learning specialist utilizes a metacognitive, motivational, and strengths-based approach. Students are supported by the learning specialist to implement academic skills and strategies. Learning specialists help students with executive functioning challenges, learning support, and self-advocacy. Students participating in FLY have access to enhanced tutoring services.

FLY admits students with diagnosed learning differences and/or AD/HD who have an ability to independently implement skills and strategies discussed in appointments with learning specialists. Students must have the knowledge and acceptance of their learning differences or academic needs, a willingness to accept assistance and access support, and a desire to participate in the program. Participation is voluntary.

Any of the following forms to support the student’s diagnosis can be submitted:

  • Most recent comprehensive documentation from high school that clearly and explicitly names a diagnosis
  • Most recent neuropsychological, psychometric, cognitive, or achievement results and reports
  • Most recent ETR, IEP, or 504 (in the order of preference) if the document explicitly identifies a diagnosis
  • Signed letter explicitly stating your diagnosis from a licensed professional

FLY is designed to support students whose primary disability is a diagnosed learning difference and/or AD/HD. Every applicant is given fair consideration based on their specific learning needs that can be met with this program. FLY is not designed to provide specific support for independent living skills, daily living skills, behavioral or emotional regulation skills, or social skills.

Bowling Green State University students looking for disability-related accommodations should contact Accessibility Services.

A student may be accepted to BGSU but not the FLY Program. Spots in the FLY Program are limited. It may be decided that the program is not suited for a student’s needs.

New students are only admitted at the beginning of the fall or spring semester.

Students complete an online FLY Program application through their account. The application process includes completing an application, uploading documentation, and scheduling an interview. To be considered for admission, the student must complete the application and the interview. Each application will be reviewed and an admission decision will be sent to the student’s email within 7 to 10 business days after the application process is complete.

Applying for the FLY Program involves four steps. You must:

  • Be accepted to BGSU
  • Apply to the FLY Program
  • Complete the FLY Admission Interview
  • Agree to a two-semester commitment to the program as a Level 1 student by signing the Student Agreement

The FLY Program can provide the student with academic support, guidance, coaching and information regarding on-campus resources; however, success at BGSU is the student’s responsibility. Participating in these opportunities is the student’s choice.

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